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Learning to trust my dog

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I have a final SAR evaluation with Kipp on Wednesday. It is 3, 15 acre searches with 2 victims somewhere on one or more of the sections. The idea is to be able to search an area and find the victim if there is one, or be confident to say that there is no victim in that section.


I know my dog can search. But I'm still not quite to the place where I fully trust him. Tonight I took him out for a short search since I hadn't done much in the woods lately and it was raining and there is a 50% chance of rain on Wednesday. And I lost track of him. He had his small bell on and the rain was hitting the leaves, so I couldn't hear that at all. I thought he might have gone to investigate the chicken yard again so I walk over that way calling him. Nothing. It got me a little frustrated 'cause I thought he might be standing there blowing me off chewing on a chicken bone that a coon had dug up or something!


Then I hear him barking. He was still working, he had just headed out to the field where the victim had been hidden the last several times. He'd caught the scent and come back into the woods and alerted just like he was supposed to. I ran over to where I heard him and he ran up to me with his toy reward he'd gotten - obviously quite pleased with himself. I praised him up and down.


I'm still a bit nervous about Wednesday, but my dog worked good tonight and I'm very pleased with him!

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I'm still a bit nervous about Wednesday, but my dog worked good tonight and I'm very pleased with him!


Hi Maralynn,


There is nothing wrong with being a bit nervous=) Anything you put your heart and soul into is going to be important to you, which is why you're feeling nervous. The thing you need to do is remember that your dog and you are really ready for this and you both know your jobs-you are a team! You need to be a good team mate to your dog and keep your focus and not let those nerves distract you=) And most importantly-TRUST YOUR DOG!


Have Fun~



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