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Just curious ... does anyone know when and where the term, square flank(s, ing), was introduced. I don’t recall it being used prior to the 1990s.

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Glyn Jones used it in his book A Way of Life, ©1987. See pages 45-47:


Square flanking movements


When we are teaching a dog to circle his sheep in the manner described above we are not only teaching him the verbal commands for left and right; we are also teaching him to go left and right in a
movement. I happen to believe that the flanking movement should be square in order to ensure that the dog turns off his sheep correctly. . . . Good, square flanking is very important in so many movements made on the trials field, and many trials are lost on the cross-drive because the handler cannot get the dog to flank properly.


I don't remember hearing or seeing it before that, but that's not to say it wasn't in use before then.

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