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Boo ate wax paper--will it pass?

nancy in AZ

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The dogs have been on raw food diet for two weeks now and doing well. Last night was their first pork meal (cut from the bone) but as I was getting ready to give everyone their dinner, Boo got overly excited and grabbed it out of my hand and the wax paper stuck to the bottom. He ate the whole thing (approx 5 X 7 piece of wax paper) before I could get it away. Now I'm worried about impaction. I checked the yard to see if he had passed it and couldn't find anything yet, but I could have missed it. He's acting normal, but his stomach has been making loud gurgling noises--maybe that's because it's getting close to when I feed normally.

Should I skip his dinner tonight entirely? Give him some canned pumpkin? Is he likely to be able to pass this without difficulty? He's eaten paper before, but not wax paper. Any other suggestions.

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No advice on the wax paper, and I sure do hope he is ok...


But it does sound like he is enjoying his new diet! :rolleyes::D

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