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Background: Lou came with these whistles, and I've done very little to mod them. I find them easy to blow and Lou knows them very well. Sometimes, he will take a full Away to Me whistle as a quick Come Bye, since the tail-end of the Away whistle kinda sounds like a short Come Bye. However, this only happens when it's really echo-y and we're making the turn from the cross-drive panels to the last leg of the drive.


Oh, we have one more whistle, a There. It's a sharp blast that sounds a lot like WHEEEEEE and it means "yeah, you've flanked far enough, turn in and walk".


Lou's whistles


Rex has a totally different Away whistle, but the rest are the same. Neither has a Look Back whistle. Any suggestions for such a whistle? Doubtful that we would need such a thing in trials but hey, ya never know! :rolleyes:

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The look-back is, traditionally, I believe a "buzz" - as you whistle, you vibrate your tongue, kind of a hum. It's hard to describe but it's not that hard to do.


My whistles are a work in very slow progress. I have total whistle envy for those who have functional ones at all.

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Great video and what an awesome idea! Mine are different than yours ... probably more along the Kuykendall style ... I don't have a video camera, but I'll see if I can get a friend of mine to record them for me. Not that mine will help anyone. I am still figuring it out myself.


I would love to hear others, though ...



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