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Whoops, I missed this! Sorry, I just posted a similar query in the trial results section. Many apologies to all for the duplication.


Liz S



There were 80 Open dogs and over 25 N/N dogs each day but I guess those handlers who are also BC Boards members must be tied up with chores or trialing this weekend, and we'll have to wait for Cheryl or Annie to post to Sheepdog-L. I hate being patient. :rolleyes:


If I've remembered correctly, Gene Sheninger won Open both days with Jen, so they were Overall for the weekend (lately my memory's been rather faulty).

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I can't give you the final results - I was only there Saturday & Sunday and left Sunday before Open was finished (dang day job!). I do know Gene Shenninger & Jen won Saturday (with a 93, I think), with Dean Holcomb & Star coming in second. When I left Sunday Gene & Jen were in the lead with a score of 97, I believe. They had two beautiful runs!


Saturday was quite a challenging day, I must say. Hop Bottom, as most of PA, had been deluged with rain for weeks coming up to the trial and it rained off and on all day Saturday. If you've ever been to Sheepy Hollow you know the field is nestled between 2 mountains with a stream, Route 11, and a train track paralleling the trial field. With all the rain, the noise of the stream, the noise of the traffic on the wet pavement, and a few passing trains it was hard for many of the dogs to hear. Of 75 dogs that ran on Saturday 40 retired during the drive because the dog couldn't hear the handler. Wow! (A little brag here - Annie and I did get around and finished the course. It wasn't pretty but, hey! it pays to have a big mouth! :rolleyes: ). Saturday evening a group of us worked on the entrance to the parking area, dumping stone and spreading hay in an attempt to sop up the ankle-deep mud. Luckily the rain stopped and Saturday night and Sunday were dry and by late afternoon Sunday the parking area driveway was dry enough to drive on again (those of us camping were a tad nervous about being able to get out! :D ). Sunday's runs went better.


Cheryl & Dick & company always run a fine trial and the prep work this year was especially tough with all the rain. The sheep were great. Each of us Open handlers got 2 ewes and one lamb and I found the lambs a hoot to work. The grounds are wonderful, and the hospitality is gracious. It's always a pleasure to be there and I thank them for a wonderful weekend. :D

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