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Re-post Training May (HD)

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Here's where the videos become a bit more technical in my explanations, and where we can see some nice areas of development such as the start of distance balance and feel on flanks, as well as a more appropriate response from her to handler pressure to widen out and such. Also, we can see areas of future problems, such as the dreaded cross-overs on the outruns.


This is also shot when I first got my HD camera, so those with the capability can view these at high quality if they like. I don't find Vimeo's format to be very good for action - some skipped frames and jerking. However, they should look a little better overall in HD.



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I don't find Vimeo's format to be very good for action - some skipped frames and


But oddy, it works better for me viewing on older, oddball equipment (a three year old low-end Macbook). Youtube hardly works for me at all. Even when I buffer the whole video it still jerks and skips.


I do have a new PC and for the first time we are enjoying HD online viewing, so I'm loving the format. I'm also hunting down some good training/trial videos as I have a reliable way of viewing them for the first time in a while (another topic).


I'm downloading it so I'll be back when it's done and I can see it. I do remember this was a really key one for us - I was able to show Patrick clearly the difference between tight, flat flanks and correct ones - a problem Gus had slipped back into when he was going from just a bit deaf to profoundly losing his hearing.


Thank you so much for doing this. Twice now!

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