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Keep your fingers crossed for Dublin

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Need good wishes for Dublin. I don?t remember if I ever updated you on Dublin?s meeting with the specialist for his hips, so here goes:


The vet specialist (well respected in the area, which is good since he is the only one around) looked at Dublin?s hip x-rays and said if I had given them to him to do a PENN_HIP eval he would rate them as excellent. So we started looking elsewhere for the problem. He took a pretty good history and said he understood why I thought it was a hip problem since those were common hip issues. He manually manipulated Dublin?s back legs from toes to hip and said his right leg is fine but he wasn?t sure about the left. He thinks it might be a cruciate issue with his left knee ? he was basing that on some swelling he thought he found and on Dublin?s reaction (he turned rather quickly to look at the vet). He suggested x-rays of the legs from the side (the hip x-rays were from the front). He suggested doing both the left and right legs for comparison purposes. He said that 9 out of 10 times a dog that shows intermittent lameness has a partially torn cruciate and the solution was the same whether it is partially torn or completely torn ? surgery.


He was a bit concerned about Dublin?s hesitation to go up stairs, especially after his last x-rays as he said that was usually more of a back issue. He manipulated Dublin?s back and there were 2 distinct spots where Dublin reacted, so we are adding back x-rays to the list as well.


The good thing is that they prefer to x-rays without knocking the dogs out if possible (though considering the type of x-rays Dublin is getting I don?t know if he will stay still long enough).


The bad news is that this guy is expensive!! $100 just for the consult and another $300 for the x-rays. If he needs surgery I am looking at $3500! (Which I *really* can?t afford right now. :rolleyes: ). But I do like him and he spent a lot of time with Dublin and discussing options with me.


Anyway, we go in tomorrow for the x-rays and by tomorrow evening I should hopefully know what we are dealing with so that will be a good thing.

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Good luck with Dublin!


(And for what it's worth, the veterinary surgeons here in SoCal all seem to offer plans for paying over time... no interest if the balance is paid in so many months, etc. Don't ask me how I know this :rolleyes: Seriously, fixing Luna's broken metacarpal turned out to be a fraction of what I expected---but before I got word on that from the vet, I was checking out the CareCredit brochures in the reception area...)

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Fingers firmly crossed!

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Is it possible to have a different vet do the surgery? I know that sounds kinda chicken, but if the dog needs surgery and it isn't a "specialized" surgery, it is better to get it done that you can afford than to hold off cuz it's too expensive. Just an idea to throw out.


I too wish the best for Dublin!

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Okay, I dropped Dublin off and the vet tech/receptionist really rubbed me the wrong way - very snooty. She was a different one from last time. Every time I asked her a question she responded to me like I was an idiot. I finally gave her "the look" which I evidently inherited from my school teacher grandma :rolleyes: and responded back to her in the same slow, you must be an idiot tone she was using with me and she backed down.


It also looks like they will be putting him under today when I had hoped I could avoid that.


I go back at 2:45 for a meeting with the vet to discuss the x-rays.

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