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Free poison control hotline


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Crossposting... feel free to do the same!




Kansas State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is offering a FREE 24 hours poison control hotline for pet owners and veterinarians. (785) 532- 5679 is the number.


Be patient. The person answering the phone may have to take a few minutes to consult the vet on duty.


Call as soon as possible. Immediate attention might save your animal. But waiting to see if there is a reaction could cost your animal their life.


Have any product labels available for answers. The vet might need to know milligrams and generic names.


Know your pet. Drooling could only mean he is thrilled to see you!


Know that the toxicologists are also taking calls from vets about other animals and other problems, including those problems with large animals.

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Thanks for passing this along, Betsy.


I went to the KSUCVM website to read more about this great public service and this caught my eye:


"The most common types of poisonings we get for dogs and cats are related to the use of chemicals like insecticides on the pet by the owner. And associated with that is the misuse of the chemical on the animal by using too much," Oehme said. "The second most common poisoning threat is a pet getting into the owner's medication or ingesting household products like cleaning solutions."
There was also a mention of increased antifreeze poisonings in the fall and spring when pet owners flush their car's cooling system in preparation for the coming change in weather.



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Thanks for the number. I bookmaked this post, for (god forbids) future references! Hope I won't get to use it.


When my dog ate a bunch of aspirin in June, and we went to the emergency clinic, the vets had to call the poison control line and they charged my bill with and extra $58 (in addition to the $500 already there).

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