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Thank you so much for checking on how Nikita and I are doing. We really appreciate it. Thank you for caring it makes us feel good. I am very touched that others care about us. Thank you! I will give Nikita her hugs!!


Nikita had a rough weekend for the most part. She had an upset tummy Friday and Saturday so from the time I got home from work I laid by her to comfort her and give her love. She seems to calm down when I lay by her. Sunday she was alittle better she wanted to play tennis ball so we played with her and she had a huge smile on her face which inturn put a huge smile on ours. Nikita was also wagging her tail something she has not done for awhile. I was smiling so much because I seen my baby having fun again.


We did notice that even though it may be temporary Nikita appears to have some sight back in her left eye. It may just be shadows but she was following us when we walked by her and she followed her tennis ball while playing. Since she went blind last Oct. she has not followed us with her head like she did this weekend.


I have my good moments and bad moments. I try not to cry in front of Nikita because she is so attached to me I do not want her to sense my sadness. I try and have a positive attitude when I am around her. Everytime I have to leave the room Nikita is in she chirps for me to come back since she can't follow me like she use to do. So she has me wrapped around her paws because I turn around and go give her love. Nikita is my first dog so this is very difficult for me to be experiencing this. She has been the perfect dog for me, we fit very well together. She gave me the special kiss when I picked her up as a pup and I knew we were meant to be.


This morning Nikita was back to not feeling well. Her tummy was bothering her again. My husband is going in late to work and I am leaving early so she is not home to long by herself. Our other dog is home with Nikita so hopefully that helps her while we are at work. I kissed my princess good bye and I got a kiss back and the tears started flowing.


Every moment I have with Nikita I treasure because I don't know how much longer she has.

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You have a lot of friends here.


When her tummy is upset you might want to try holding one of those bed buddies on it. You know those warmers that you heat in the microwave. They hold their warmth for quite a while..just becareful of cousre that you don't over heat it.

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Meg and I are also sending hugs to you and Nikita .

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