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newbie here from central texas

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Hello everyone! I am a newbie here. I owned by an english cocker spaniel (here from WA state to be shown) a rescue bi-black shetland sheepdog who is getting ready to begin competing in AKC obediece (waiting on PAL/ILP approval) and my brand new red and white border collie boy (8wks) "It takes two" callname TANGO(ABCA). I want everyone to know it was this board that inspired me to look elsewhere than an AKC showline breeder for my BC pup. I have been doing research seriously for the last 6 months (thinking about it a lot longer than that) and I had found these boards and began snooping around :rolleyes: I read so many different things- as someone who has shown shelties in AKC and is currently campagining an english cocker it was very eye opening for me to see the differences between 'barbie' collies and borders. I do think that there are likely some showline breeders that breed for drive and work ethic as well as 'looks' but it definately forces you to choose sometimes between a confirmationally beautiful dog which will win titles in the ring and a not 'perfectly' to the standard dog who will work for you till the cows come home. I love the idea that these dogs are intended to be judged SOLELY on their intelligence and work ethic rather than how they look. I have thought for a long time that I woudl like to add a BC to my home but it has taken me awhile- and like most things i think it worked out for the best. When I temperment tested the litter of puppies i looked at I was very pleased. the puppies were very consistent litter. I origionally chose a BW female puppy, she and the RW male scored the same on the Valhord temp test, they were both in the score range I wanted for myself (knowing what i am comfortable training) and were both very sweet puppies. However, when I got home I just had this feeling i'd picked the wrong puppy- not a bad puppy by any means, she was very sweet, tested out just where i wanted- something just felt off. I called the breeders and they were more than obliged to exchange me ( I had first pick of the litter and the person who had second pick hadn't come yet). I am soo glad i went with my gut instinct. I am totally in love with my little bundle of trouble (who isn't really any trouble at all) I am using the same positive training methods i use with all my dogs (clicker training) and even in 48 hours am already seeing great results. Tango goes to our vet tommorow for a thorough physical and a set of puppy shots but I am really over the moon. Lucy, my resuce sheltie, is tolerating him very well, as is my ECS. I think he will fit right in. I did get him to be a performance dog. Namely Agility, obedience maybe some freestyle. We are already laying the foundation for a great future together. My mother (who was a koelher method training of GSDs back int he 70s and 80s when that method was still popular) was totally stunned i had a 8wk old puppy who had been with me less than 48hrs already walking nicely on a leash, sitting, doing a down, short sit stays and down stays and 'targeting', but that is the power being positive training. I am enclosing a pic of Tango enjoying his first RAW meal. I feel all my dogs RAW and have had great results with it. Mind you this is a puppy who has never had a piece of raw meat before and has only had puppy kibble ( he is lovin life in this pic!


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I want everyone to know it was this board that inspired me to look elsewhere than an AKC showline breeder for my BC pup.


Awesome! Welcome to the Boards! Very cute pup! Glad to see someone doing some research! Woo hoo! So where's your pup from?

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