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Memorial Weekend Trial??

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lists of USBCHA trials can be found here: USBCHA Upcoming Trials.


here's the trial you're looking for....


MAY 27 - 29 2/O - 3/N







Here's the entry form from sheepdog-L


North Carolina State Sheep Dog Championship


I don't have directions handy, perhaps somone else will post them for you.



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Dixie - Laura (Carsons Crazies) and I will be there all day Sunday. We can point out other board members who will be running their dogs in open and who we have met.


Laura and I will also be running June (Laura) and Keegan (me) in novice/novice on Monday. This is our debut trial so it may not be pretty, but we will attempt it!!!!


If you want, send me a private message or email rachel_brassine@yahoo.com and I will send you a picture of myself so you will recognize me at the trial.

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Laura - do you know when Becca will be coming? Is she sleeping in your tent or mine?


Jack & Co - you will need a chair, sunscreen, cooler with drinks. You are welcome to take dogs; however, most people have their dogs put up if they aren't running them. I don't usually see a lot of socialization of dogs during these events, and personally mine (Keegan anyway) isn't interested in socializing.


Dixie - I will send you an email this evening after work.

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Rachel, I'm not entirely sure. I need to ask her actually. Um did I mention that my stomach is starting to feel queasy?


Jack & Co., if you do bring your dog you will want to keep it leashed at all times. You won't have much opportunity for doggie socialization really, but typically a quiet well behaved dog on leash is welcomed at most trials. Like Rachel said, chair, cooler w/drinks, sunscreen, etc are all good - and I'm all about the food, so you may want to bring yourself some snacks too. You'll basically want to be prepared for the elements as you'll be hanging out outside.

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I take Jackson to all the trials I go to.

1.Keep him leashed and under control at ALL times.

2. Stay away from the fences where any sheep are. The sheep react to a dog regardless of weather the dog is in with them or not.

3.Don't allow your dog to approach other dogs unless invited. And NEVER if the dogs are getting ready to work.

4. If your dog starts to get excited and whiney or making other noises, remove dog immediately.

5.Don't forget water for your dog!

6.Be prepared to pick up any "deposits" he might leave! :rolleyes:

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I can now say I'm going with confidence. We have both this weekend and next to finish moving out, so I can get away for sure. I'll come down after church Sunday as usual. I'll be running Ben on Monday.

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Running orders are usually posted pretty late. But if y'all are planning to get there on Sunday there will definitely be printed running orders available at the trial.


I'm sorry I'll be missing the trial--it's always a great time. I'll be rooting for all of you from a distance.



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