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Fear of Flies?

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No kidding, Kate has a deathly fear of flies - in the house. Outside, if one is buzzing her, she snaps at it, but inside, she runs and tries to get under the bed, or in some corner opposite of where the fly is, or worse, tries to break out through the screen door. She trembles, and pants and drools, like with the fireworks. Whenever either dog sees me reach for the flyswatter, they run in fear. I've not hit them with it, but I go crazy myself trying to kill the darn thing, so I think they think I'm going to hit them. I've even tried to just have it in my hand, petting them and scratching their belly with it to let them know it isn't an evil thing. They're fine with it, as long as there isn't a fly around. It's killing me and ruining the doors and probably going to cause her to have a heart attack someday (she's 8). Any ideas?

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