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Lupine Collars and Dog Dayz

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Hi Guys -


As you know, the rescue organization I volunteer with - New England Border Collie Rescue (NEBCR) is hosting a "Dog Dayz of Summer" weekend fund-raiser on August 19-20th in Stephentown, NY. (NEBCR covers New England, NY and NJ - so those of you in the area, please feel free to post this info as well)


It is open to all breeds of dogs and should be a blast with various contests, vendors, etc. There will be demonstrations of frisbee, freestyle, agility, flyball, herding and dock-diving just to name a few. All of the demos (with the exception of herding for obvious reasons) will include mini-lessons afterwards. I'll be there both days, helping with the herding demo. (But not doing the demo as Dublin and I are sooo not ready for that! )


We are really trying to get the word out to as many people as possible. We have been swamped with dogs this year, many of them with thousands of dollars in vet bills (we never refuse a dog based on their medical needs), so we really need for this fund-raiser to be a success.


I've attached the flyer for the event. Please feel free to post it and/or send the flyer to anyone you think may be interested.






Lupine Collar and Leash Sets


We are also working with a lupine collar vendor as part of the fund-raiser, NEBCR gets $3 for every collar we sell. Lupine collars are guaranteed for life. If you are interested in ordering a collar, I have attached the link below:





Thanks in advance!

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I assume that goes for leashes, too?


Thank you to everyone who is buying one. The price comes with embroidering, so it is a pretty good deal.


Sheryl - I hope you guys can make it - it is going to be a blast. I can't wait!

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Just bumping this up as a reminder that it is coming up.... :rolleyes:


Everyone who is attending and has ordered/plans on ordering collars/leashes - if you get the order in by the weekend, they will be ready at Dog Dayz.

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Dog Dayz is this weekend!! :rolleyes: I am so excited - I think it'll be a blast!


I will be making dog treats until the weeeeee hours of the morning tonight... Dublin has graciously offered to stay up past his bedtime to be my offical treat tester. So if you are coming - make sure you check out Dublin Dawg's Tasty Treats :cool:


For everyone who is coming - please make sure you say "hi"! I always love to meet fellow Board members. I'll be helping CLW with the herding demo on Saturday and the rally demo on Sunday.

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The demos will be going on all day, with most of them having lessons afterwards. Agility will be pretty much non-stop, but the other demos will happen twice a day. The general contest and games for the dogs will be at noon.


I have a schedule but have no idea how I would go about posting it here... :confused:

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I'm having trouble opening it no surprise but, I'll bet mom's worried there will be a costume contest and she'll be scrounging.lol


Any puppy contests? I know it says maddie can use the equip. after the demo's but, not for the runs. I have a feeling she is going to do better than Dal though.


I was working Dal with whip creme on the teeter and Maddie figured out how to tip it to eat the creme first.

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