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Appropriate chew item?

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Weird question:


Odin came out with me to the field for the first time today while I was working :D and found an antler with two forks, about 12-14 in long. He loves it and carried it around all over the site, like for half an hour continuously (no dropping, just holding). He left it hidden while we did one part of the survey and then went back and got it when we walked past that area again about an hour later. He then actually left me at one point (bad dog!) - going around a corner of trees where I couldn't see him. But it turned out to be so he could stash the antler by the wheel of my car on the side he gets in on.


So now we have an antler and he wants to chew on it. Odin is a very vigorous chewer - I do get worried about him breaking teeth and supervise and take stuff away a lot. Is antler too hard for him to chew?


Oh, he is SO proud of himself, though. He wanted to chase deer (lots around) and I wouldn't let him. He was good and stayed with me (mostly, see above) even when I wasn't paying attention. I think he feels like the antler is like he got to go chase and wrestle a deer anyway :rolleyes:

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Did some research today and found out antlers are actually sold as chew toys. Especially when in velvet, they apparently provide an excellent natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which he really needs anyway!! And, he has been chewing it a lot with no ill effects like bleeding gums. I worried because it seems more like a polymer than bone - very plastic and ... carve-y rather than crunchy like normal bone. But he loves it beyond any toy I could have bought. Cool. :rolleyes:

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