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I took Jin to the park this morning to work him on the Jungle Jin (that's correct. It's now a Jungle Jin). I got Abby to go all the way to the top. That's pretty good for a 7 yr old for her 1st time to go up and cross the bridge a place where I was had a problem with Jin.


We also met a BC/Aussie puppy samed Sashi at the park this morning and talked with her owner. I gave them the board address and hopefully they will join our merry group. If he does I'm the first to welcome Sonny and Sashi.

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It was one of these modern all steel things. I took these about a month and a half ago. How do I do it? Food lure.








Jin's trouble spot.




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Just back from the park, overcast and threatening rain. No kids on the playscape. Gave Cody a chance to give it a try. At first hw walked right up with me no problem. Then panicked when it come to the narrow part. We tried again with treats - he followed me all the way around the maze. Thanks ranger for another fun things to do with my dog :rolleyes:

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I went to the park this morning and work with Jin on the air walk. Yes food works well considering he's a food shark. There is also a picture of him having fun at the river. I put a close up of his face in one corner.



Click image for slideshow.



At our fav place, the Whitewater River. Don't know how long it'll run into the summer so have to take advantage of it before it goes dry.




Love this dog. Wait until we take him rock climbing.

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