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went and looked at lambs today

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hi everyone:

Went to look at lambs today. They were born the end of December, so older than I thought. They are a mix of katahdin and southdown- the ram is southdown. The looked really good. Nice size. They were weaned one week ago. They have their vax and were tagged, but the males were not castrated. The woman was really nice, but had a hard time looking at them since they were marketed as easter lambs- a butcher had been by for some and was coming back. Apparently they don't want them that big because they roast the whole thing? I can see not looking at them too long, because they are so dang cute. So, I told her we only wanted females, as I have no use for rams. I saw one or two adults limping- sore foot it looked like on one, is this something not unusual in good numbers of sheep, or should I worry about foot rot. Anyway, the woman would much rather I took them, as they won't be dinner. Oh, and then I asked if they had a herding dog- no- they have two old labs- I said you NEED to get a herding dog. She was interested, but had no idea about any thing Since they will be moving them to a pasture across the street- maybe I will have to have someone with a working dog show her how easy it can be with a good dog


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Lambs ARE cute, but remember that they do grow up, so you must be objective!


I would be a little concerned about the limping. It may or may not be foot rot, but foot rot is awfully hard to get rid of once you've got it. It could also be that their hooves need trimming, and that might raise a red flag about managment practices. I'd ask her and see what kind of explanation she has.

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