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Puppy poop update and new question about raw


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So, based on suggestions from my other thread, we got rid of the canned puppy food and have started feeding a mixture of raw hamburger, yogurt, and canned pumpkin to the puppies. WOW, what a difference! Right away their poops firmed right up and they weren't acting so ravenous and they weren't eating as much and they weren't pooping like they were trying to win some sort of pooping contest. Usually in the morning, I am greeted to a pen full of mushy puppy poop. This morning, I stumbled out to where the puppies are and asked my bf where all the poop was. I thought that he had maybe cleaned it up before I got there. He hadn't. Of course, right after that, one puppy meandered over to the pee pads and deposited a nice, little, firm turd. Another puppy quickly followed suit and deposited two nice, little, firm turds. I couldn't believe it. What a change!


I was already feeding a raw diet to my dogs, but now I'm even more impressed with a raw diet after seeing what a difference it made in these puppies in such a short time. Now, it could be that the worming that they received on Monday also had something to do with the change, but they are completely different puppies now. They are still excited about their food and are eating it with gusto, but they are no longer acting like they are starving and are no longer begging for more food every few hours. And they are no longer pooping large piles of soft serve either.


But, now I have a question. I feed my own dogs raw and feel like I give them a pretty good balance so that they are getting everything that they need, but I'm not sure how to feed a puppy a balanced raw diet. They are not big enough to eat meat with bones, so is the yogurt enough to give them the calcium that they need? Also, should I be introducing other meats such as ground turkey or ground chicken? What about organ meat?


Thanks in advance!

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The most important thing with baby puppies is keeping them healthy and offering them the basics for growth. Honestly, for that I personally believe that all they need is meat and bones in the right proportions with a smidge of organ meat. I also think fish oil is super important for brain and immune health, but that's me.


Later, I do start messing with "balance" - I do a "cheap out" diet that includes carbs and that means I have to pay attention to offering the nutrients I replace with "empty" calories. Bu I don't start that until maybe 18 to 20 weeks. If you mostly feed meat and offer a variety, a puppy's diet remains the same as an adult's - you'll just feed a whole lot more per pound.


You can take chicken wings and smash them up really well with a hammer, and that will introduce bone chewing. You'd be surprised at how those babies can tear up meat. Meanwhile, 1/4 tsp of powdered egg shell, or an egg thrown into a blender with the shell, per pound of boneless meat, offers exactly enough calcium. The yogurt doesn't have enough calcium because it introduces additional phosphorus.

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