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My feet aren't on the ground!!

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I'm the trial secretary for our obedience trials up here and was talking to one of the competitors this weekend who has a couple of GSD's. We started talking about herding, and I was lamenting that there are no trainers close by. GUESS WHAT - There is a trainer only 2 hours from me!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm walking on air!!!! I'm going to contact him tonight. Apparently, he does do clinics and is a patient teacher (I'll need that!!) and has BC's and 'dog broke' sheep. He might even be in Kingston this weekend!!

Yep...I'm excited.

And, since I'd have to drive right by Jo's place....I'm hoping that we might be able to try Loki on sheep too!

Woohoo...look out sheep..here we come

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We're going herding...we're going herding.....!


Loki is doing so much better but we have a long way to go. If it's a sunny day and the sheep are casting shadows, I'm sure he'll have a lokispazmeltdown. I can't wait to try, this is going to be Great!

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Hi Sara....Kitch and I are camping out for the weekend....we'll have to set up some sort of 'identifying' system so we know who you are .... like..I'll be the one with my mouth hanging open in total awe watching these dogs :rolleyes:

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