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I posted a while ago my red dog foster....

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's picture.


He's no longer my foster. I have decided that Alex needs to be with me. Alex needs guidence and direction, same thing right? He was an owner surrender, left outside 24/7 in Eastern Washington judging by his sun bleached, straw like coat. I aquired him last March and it was quite obviouse that he spent many hours, if not all of them, outside. Here's the kicker. He still wants to be outside and has anxiety problems, he's uncomfortable inside the house. Thankfully he doesn't eliminate alot, just sometimes, but he would rather be outside. I have never adopted a dog that is like this. Alex is in week 4 of obedience training and has made great progress. We have learned that he needs me and has some separation anxiety. He also wants to hunt down cats. Catch and shake to death. NOT GOOD! By the time I'm done with him, the cats will hunt him down and "you know" they will shack him?!!!!!


I'm done with this novel. To be continued......

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I sincerely hope that Alex can adapt and become comfortable in your home. Do you have a fenced yard and maybe a doggie door? That might allow him to come and go and feel less "confined" to the house. Relieving the feelings of being confined inside when he's accustomed to outside might allow him to become more relaxed about being inside.


Very best wishes and thank you for giving him a home!

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Leah, I thought I read on the PF board that you decided to have Alex be part of your pack permanently. Congratulations! I like that you recognize that he needs you. Do you have a recent picture of him? Is his fur getting darker now?


I think the suggestion of a doggy door might be a good one if the door leads to a fenced in area. Of course then you'll have all 5 of them (plus future fosters?) possibly going in and out at will. Where is he normally when inside? Does he stick close to you, or does he just stay by the door waiting to go outside?


Thank you for keeping Alex and giving him a good home!



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Here is how I work my doggie door. In the summer when kids are home from school the doggie door is closed while I am at work. I don't take the chance that the kids will annoy my dogs.


I actually leave my back door open all night in the summer. In the winter the dogs have access all day to the outside but it gets locked after dinner and I manually let them out the door. Cocoa loves the winter and will spend most of the day out on the back porch in the cold. The doggie door is her TV so to speak as she will poke her head in to watch me cook dinner. After dinner she goes to her crate as I keep the heat off in the hallway for her so it is nice and cold.


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I can't have a doggie door. My cats are not allowed outside plus I don't like the idea of 5 dogs running in and out at free will. Alex was fine during the summer time. He would come in and go directly to his crate for bedtime. None of my dogs, nor myself, spent much time indoors during the summer but now that it is dark and cold everyone is adapting to the indoors except Alex. He just wants to be under the deck. I think maybe since he was an outside dog only, the artificial heat inside is uncomfortable. When he is inside he'll hang out in the bathrooms which are the coolest rooms in the house. He spent the night under the deck again last night and it was cold, like 23F. I guess I'll try to work with him more as the rains are coming tomorrow and I don't let my dogs spend much more than potty time outside when it's wet.


Deneen, Alex's coat is getting very dark but the hair is barely growing back. I can't imagine how he'll be when that big fluffy coat grows back, if it ever will.


Thanks for the suggestions folks, they're greatly appreciated.

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As long as Alex isn't engaging in problem behaviors outside (barking, fence running, digging, chasing vehicles/people/animals outside the fence, etc.), why not allow him as much time outside as he would like? Of course, that assumes making sure that he spends some amount of time inside each day to help him adapt to a future in the house.


Look for as many opportunities as you can find to work with him - class, walks, anything pleasant that you can do with him inside, and then let him have his "down time" outside if that's what is comfy for him. Spending time both outdoors and indoors with him may improve his bond with you and, over time, help him to desire to be with you and inside more.


Since you can't do a doggie door, and he enjoys being outside, what about providing an outside shelter (Dogloo? or something that would fit under the deck as he seems to feel secure there) that he can use in any weather? Bring him inside to feed, for treats, and to interact each day and maybe over time, he will adjust to being inside more.


Thank you so much for providing this dog with a loving forever home, and best wishes for all of you in dealing with his issues.

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