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OT: My son stuck an acorn in his ear!!!

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Everything went well. It only took about 10 minutes to get it out, but it was an all day thing w/ the drive time, putting him to sleep and recovery. The doc said that it wasn't coming out w/ surgery anyway.


Apparently he bit an acorn in half and put it down his ear canal. He pushed it past where the canal tapers off then starts to open back up again. So thats why it wasn't coming out without putting him to sleep.


This thing was the size of a small almond. :eek: How he got it in there in the first place is a wonder.


He is doing fine though...no problems so far and he gets to go back to preschool today.


Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes that you all gave! It means alot!

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Glad to hear it went well!


Do you know how they ended up getting it out? It seems that half an acorn would have some potentially sharp edges. Did it scratch his ear canal on the way in or out?


I suppose it would be difficult to make half an acorn grow into a tree, so there goes that idea.


I'm glad it's all over. I'm sure you'll be telling this story for many years to come!

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Eardrums heal, they are not punctured forever. You only get into trouble when it happens over and over and you develop too much scar tissue for your eardrum to vibrate properly.



I was waiting to hear, so I am very glad he is doing ok. How in the world did he get it in there and how in the world did they get it out??? Does he have an overly large ear canal or something? Do you think it started to hurt when he was putting it in and he kind of panicked and shoved it in? I guess it may always be a mystery.


Jo, not to freak you out, but there was a 15 year old boy raped on a school bus in Ohio by two other students. This was a nice school in a well-to-do area apparently. I think it is past due to have a 2nd grown-up ride in the middle of the bus for problems like that. How is a bus driver supposed to drive and manage problem behavior at the same time? Probably in some districts there would be parents who would do it if they could rotate and have a way to home or work. I know that would be a HUGE undertaking and schools are already so racked for money. My kids will be done riding the bus after elementary school. They will ride with my dh to his work at the jr. school and high school is close to jr. school, so....


Ok, that was totally off the subject, so sorry.

Anyway, glad things are better Nik, hope your little guy just forgets the whole thing, except

for the part he needs to remember to never do it again!

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growing up in Thailand, our school buses were the size of tour busses, because we had to travel from the interior of the city to the far outskirts where school was, and that took up to an hour morning and afternoon...


We had a bus driver, and one to two 'bus monitors' that patroled the bus to make sure kids stayed in their seats and didn't get into trouble. About the worst to ever happen on those buses was the seats got written on from time to time...LoL. So not much. But I agree! Bus monitors help, and make it safer for everyone.

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Originally posted by silhouettestable:

2.) If you spray hair spray on dust bunnies and run over them with Roller blades, they can ignite.


8.) Brake fluid mixed with Clorox makes smoke, and lots of it.


11.) Play dough and microwave should not be used in the same sentence.


13.) No matter how much Jell-O you put in a swimming pool you still can't walk on water.


17) Marbles in gas tanks make lots of noise when driving.


oh man! these sound especially fun!! er... i mean interesting. you know, for the sake of science and what have you (and i'm not even little or a boy)


nik- glad everything went well.

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I just had to write about our grandson having an eye in his ear and needing to have it removed while under anesthetic.

Tyler had been doing a craft project that involved gluing the tiny moveable eyes on poster paper. He said he had an itch on his ear and when he scratched it, he didn't know one of the little eyes had stuck to his finger and it went in his ear. Apparently he felt something and tried to get it out only pushing it in further. Everytime he moved his head he could hear the eye move back and forth. It had slipped to far into the ear canal to be reached.

Tyler was so cute.....He told all the nurses and doctor to lean close to his head thinking they could also hear the eye moving.

The doctor said it was the only time he ever looked in an ear and had an eye looking back.

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An eye in his ear! I never thought of getting something stuck "accidentally" like that. I have to say, this thread sure has me talking to my kids about what goes in your ears a lot more than usual (nothing smaller than your elbow!!) Meg's tubes are out and in the ear canal, and I know they are all tempted to look for them with who knows what, so I am trying to be preventative and avoid any nightmares like yours, Nik.


How is he doing now? All over the trauma?

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Well, he's not over the trauma so to speak...he still won't let me get near his ear even though it doesn't hurt him.


We went from 1 trauma last week to 3. My grandpa was in ICU and we found out he's in end stage COPD, but the good news about him is he has gotten well enough to go home today. My aunt died unexpectedly last Wed. nite so it's been really hard on the family this last week or so. While we had Papa in ICU in one room, she was in another, but by that time she was living from nothing but the respirator. The family decided to go ahead and take her off. I was fortunate enough to be there w/ her when it happened, but I believe she was already gone before she even made it to the hospital.


Today I went back to work and it was pretty hard. I've been at the hospital every day w/ my relatives for a week now and I work at the same hospital. It was tough passing by the very place that I watched my aunt beat her final heartbeats. I really don't think I can stay there for too much longer. I want the good memories to overcome the bad ones ya know?!?!


But thanx for being concerned about Peyton, I don't think he will be sticking anything else down his ear for quite awhile now.

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Hey Nik,

My heart goes out to you and yours, what an awful week! My grandma passed away in the nursing home where I work, and at first it was REALLY hard. It bothered me for several months (she was there 6 weeks, following hip fracture), but at this point it is very comforting to be where she breathed her last. It can feel really traumatic at first to be back in the same places. It brings all those feelings right back like it is happening all over again. But, later, sometimes those same things that caused the most pain, give the most comfort. You gotta do what you gotta do, though. It is really hard to grieve and still live your normal crazy life at the same time.


Glad Peyton is better at least. I hope your week gets better and your grandpa doesn't suffer. End stage COPD can be a long haul or quick, it just depends. A lot of times people feel a whole lot better for a long time. I hope that happens for your grandpa. Is he on O2 continuously? Sometimes they do well just on it at night after they get over that ICU "hump".




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Thanx Tammy for the encouraging words.


He has been on O2 constantly for years now. He's lived a long full life so its "easier" to prepare for him. The doctor told us to be looking for him to be in and out of the hospital from here on out. He has his good days, but there are really more bad days. I take comfort in knowing where he's going when he takes his last breath, and for that reason alone it will be easier when his time comes. For now though, all we can do is enjoy what time (however long or short that may be) we have w/ him.


Thank you so much for your prayers. It helps more than you know!

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I have more advice, of course.


Is hospice involved? They can be really helpful for comfort control.


For COPD panic attacks, here is the remedy I use with my patients (per doctor's order of course)



Breathing treatment

Pursed lip breathing, you breathe with him, breathe in as slowly as possible (not so slow in the midst of an attack), (in through the nose is better, especially with the O2) then take twice as long to breathe out with pursed lips like a kiss.


A lot of times they cannot tolerate the mask for the breathing treatment during an attack. It is ok to put the mask on for a few seconds then off, pursed lip breathing, then back on a few seconds, over and over. Ativan right at the beginning, hopefully it will start working quickly. It is helpful to just hold (the mask) it on, not mess with the strap and stuff.


Glad he is going to a better place when he goes, that gives a lot of comfort. Gotta go, my pestery kid is driving everyone nuts.

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Nicki, you poor dear! Good grief, you must be so exhausted and drained. I wish I could reach through this computer and give you a hug.


I'm so very sorry to hear of all the pain and suffering in your family. There's nothing I can say or do to make it any easier for you but if there was, I'd say it and do it in a heartbeat.


We're all here for you if you just want to talk or anything. Take it easy on yourself and give it some time. Time makes everything a little easier to handle. That and chocolate.

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