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Friends of Glen Highland Farm/Sweet Border Collie Rescue have joined together to host a benefit fun sheepdog trial at Gary and Sue Miller’s field in lovely Ephrata, PA. As trial season gets into full swing, this is a great chance to come out and get some experience working your dog at a new place and for a good cause!


WHAT: Novice/Novice, Pro-Novice, Ranch and Open classes will be offered; "In Spirit” entries welcome (and encouraged)


WHEN: Saturday, June 13, 2009


WHERE: Gary and Sue Miller’s field in Ephrata, PA (Lancaster County)


HOW MUCH: Minimum donation: $20 per run for all classes (REMEMBER: Your donation is tax-deductible and you can run multiple times, so give until it hurts!). All proceeds, after expenses, will go to Glen Highland Farm.


No sanctioning, no ribbons but payback to everyone in the form of the good feeling you’ll get for supporting border collie rescue!


Because this is a benefit trial, we’re looking for lots of volunteer help to get everything done: judging, scribing, pen, set out, exhaust, score keeping, etc. Let us know what you can do on your entry form.


For more information or for an emailed entry form, call or email Lisa Basial, 717-580-2751, LBASIAL@attorneygeneral.gov


Thanks for your support!

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