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glad I came back

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I've not been on here for a long time until yesterday.

I've been reading all your posts and forgot how helpful you all

really are.

I have one question.

How do you keep you dog in a sit stay untill you release them? Birdie

will sit and stay but not long. I've worked with her by telling her and then leaving room and she

will come looking for me after a few min. Same with outside. Tell her to stay and go out of her vision and she comes looking for me.

She's pretty well mannered. She gets to go to the nursing home with me on

Mon. and does very well. She loves the residents and they her. Thanks.

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I teach sit or down stays in front of the TV. I make 'em sit through a commercial or segment sort of not paying attention to them. If one moves the other gets a treat then released and the other gets put back in stay. When I'm ready I move them across the house to where I can see them and repeat it.

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What you could do is put her in a sit stay, go out of the room, then after a few seconds, pop your head around the corner and remind her to stay. Keep lengthening the time before you pop around the corner. That should help.


Oh, and welcome back!!! :rolleyes:

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You may be asking too much too soon. Leaving the room comes only after the dog has a drop dead stay with you in sight. THEN you leave the room, but only for moments at first. As with the original stay training, you do it very gradually. Good luck.


Kathy Robbins



Thanks everyone!

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