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I needed a laugh today

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I'm stressing out today about how to have a life without making a trainwreck out of it again.


I live along the edge of a protected wetland. There are trails and I know where theres a little deer track to the water's edge. I like to go there and sit and look out at Lake Huron.

I get together my sunblock, my lunch, container for blueberries and dog treats and off we go.

At the ski club entrance, I meet a young lady who's about 20 and she's reading the trailmap sign board. We're a friendly bunch here in the north and I strike up a conversation with her.

"Beautiful day, eh" - "You have beautiful dogs" - "Nice day to go for a walk" - "How do I get to the lake" etc. She has a lovely French accent but not the butchered bush slang they use around here. I can barely understand her but I send her east and I go west.

After a while, I hear frantic screams off in the distance. My bear in yard/ me in boxers bear encounter on Monday is still fresh in my mind. I run, Ddog runs, Bdog (who hates to run) runs.

We find her at a junction of the trails and she is very frightened.

Did you see a Bear? I ask

"Oui, oui, I see a Beer"

"Very big Beer, in there"

Are you okay, did it hurt you? I ask

"No, just scare, it flapped at me"


Huh?, a bear that flaps, What?


It turned out that she put up a Bird. Grouse, timberdoodle, nesting wood duck - some horrific bird flapped at her.

I calmed her down and walked her out. I got to my little cove and laughed my head off.

Thanks, I needed that.

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That's just too funny! It reminds me of the day my sister & I were in England walking back with a few folks from an evening at a pub. This CREATURE ran across the road in front of my sister...she GRABBED the fellow next to her, who just happened to be my professor (this was an Classical studies tour). He darn near had heart failure...and the CREATURE..was a hedgehog! :D She never did live it down. One of our group, gave us all little ceramic hedgehogs as a memento of the trip

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It's awful to laugh at another persons fear but you should have seen her Kris, strappy sandals with heels for her hike and screaming like a casting call for a horror movie.

I should be safe from bears for awhile. She's driven them all back into the bush.

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We always get a kick out of people when we go to Turkey Run State Park. It has some very rough trails, down in ravines, with creeks and slippery rocky places - and you see the flip flops/thongs going in, along with what I wouldn't be caught dead in at home, locked away in the house, much less climbing over wet, muddy trails and mossy rocks. Oh well, we all need a laugh now and then - and who knows, after the first mile or so, maybe some of them even learn something. Although, I've had some things like mice and snakes give me a start - the quick, unexpected movement that you react to until it registers what it is. Poor thing, who knows what she was told before she went for a walk, too. Ever see the Parent Trap (old one with Hayley Mills)- love when the take the fiance up in the mountains to go camping.

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Oh, but this brought back memories.


It was fall of 1966, I was ~5 months pregnant. That morning, we had moved the last of aour stuff from our 1-room (share the bathroom) apartment to a ground-level basement 3 rooms plus our own bath. And we went with friends for a hike.


Doodletown - where, supposedly, the British derisively sang Yankee Doodle marching along the Hudson in 1777. A town that was abandoned and mostly dismantled to create Bear Mountain State Park, across the Hudson from Peekskill. Finagled permission to go there by self-accrediting ourselves as historical researchers, quoting a paper we'd done a 18 monts ago for a college assignment.


So the 4 of us were walking along a paved road, with old orchards and house ruins, in a place we reall shouldn't be, that was reported to be haunted by the ghosts of those in the abandoned cemetary. And I saw movement up on the rise to our right. Dark, dog-like creatures - a bunch - in the shadowy bushes.


I yelled, "Wolves!" They were deer.

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