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Ok. I want. I want. I want.

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Ok. Now that Libby is almost finished with the reading assistance training, and now that she is a little older, I am getting the urge for another puppy. (Plus financially we can afford one, etc. etc.) So I'm doing my wistful pet searching and I happen on the webpage of the humane society where I found Liberty and where the fiance found Justice.


This is what I see:



Now...question is, how do I convince the fiance that one of these little babies should become Freedom?




(tell me what you think...Aussie or BC?)

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Print the picture, add the name, frame it, set it in a spot where he is sure to see it.





We think alike...I've posted both of them to my desktop....with a message promising many many things...and guilt tripping, etc....


he'll get the hint....




He'll say "you do what you want to do anyway...so go ahead..."




I'm really hoping he'll say "I'll drive."

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I'm not sure you can tell from those photos. I know, go meet them in person! And take the fiance. You know, just to drive... :rolleyes:


Yeah, that works. I told my wife that we were "just going to look", when we went to get Senneca. It took a good bit of talking and persuading, but the three of us came home together. Of course, I get it thrown in my face at regular intervals, but she also says how lucky we were to find such a wonderful sweet little girl. Luck or a well executed plan? Oh, what's the difference?

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