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Progress on teeter/noise fear

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Just thought I would post a little update about Skye....


We have been training usually two days a week at our indoor facility where Skye is afraid of the teeter. For a month we didn't even go near the teeter, we just had tons of fun doing all the other agility equipment. She is weaving 12 poles now and loves pretty much everything I ask her to do.


For the past few weeks I have slowly been introducing the teeter back to her. She LOVES hot dogs, so she ONLY gets hot dogs for touching the teeter, at first any movement toward the teeter was clicked and treated, slowly working her back to touching it and banging it gently (she knows how to keep it from making noise). Today, she would would bang it and it would make a little bit of noise and she would come right back and do it again for her favorite treat.


I am still being very careful and the minute I see her start to get stressed we stop and go do something fun, but she really does seem to be making progress..


Another step we are going to take is to bring my homemade teeter that she isn't afraid of at all (in fact she LOVES to go over it) to the facility to get her used to going over a teeter in the building.


The owners of the facility are also talking about getting a less "noisy" teeter (the one they have is abnormally loud).

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