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"Evil" dead leaves :)

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I finaly found something that puzzles Ouzo! I was bragging everywhere how he's not afraid of anything. Well, until fall came and something realy scarry and noisy started to cover the grass :D


I wouldn't say he's "afraid" of dead leaves, it's just that he would do anything in his powers not to step on them :rolleyes:


He was born at the end of last October, so he hasn't seen dead leaves in his life! So imagine his surprize, now that he thought he knows everything there is to know in this world


He starts walking so funny, lifting his back legs so he won't touch the leaves, you'd think he's wearing shoes or something. It just cracks me up!


I think by now, two weeks later, he figured out that the worst thing that can happen if he steps on them is scare the countless wild bunnies that are everywhere. And, serious hunter that he thinks he is (!!! ), he is coming up with the most incredible moves to stalk the bunnies while not making cracking noise on the leaves.


I wonder if he still remembers snow (he was about 4 months old last time he's seen it), or if he will react wierdly to it again

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That's funny. You know those leaves are pretty weird

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LOL, how rude of you to tell the whole wide www. :rolleyes: He'll have his revenge, watch out.


I think I can picture his "hunting walk" because Kessie also does something very, very funny with her feet when she's stalking mice in the grass!

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