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I pointed out that she currently has pups from Leila, who is barely a year old, according to Leila's page, even though the previous website that Devi quoted from said that the other two litters would be after the bitches are two years old.


Decided my first post sounded too snippy. And of course this girl shouldn't be breeding dogs at all, anyway.


I think Leila's pregnancy might have been accidental. After all, she seems to want to breed "ABCA registered working dogs" and there seems to be no information whatsoever on Leila's origins, let alone registration of any sort. Also, she never announced that she was planning this breeding, like she has about the two litters you mention.

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Am I being very stupid about this topic.

Given I am totally ignorant about breeding , I can see nothing wrong with the site this lady has.

I found it easy to navigate and thought it quite a well presented site.

Is it because of the owner's age? If she has the knowledge, or her family has, what is she doing wrong.

I am baffled, please clarify this situation for me as I must be missing something.


I can't really clarify it for you, Elizabeth, but here's some background. This is a young girl with a very active fantasy life and a yearning to be a border collie breeder and rescuer, who first posted here three years ago. She has a history of posting contradictory and untrue things on various forums, portraying herself as a breeder, using the language and style of established breeders, adopting and discarding various fanciful dog and kennel names, listing policies and accomplishments and plans, etc. She has been raked over the coals several times for all this. Now it appears that she may have finally bred a litter, and is being duly raked over the coals again. Nobody is more opposed to indiscriminate breeding of border collies than I am, but with all the large-scale bad breeding going on in the world, I cannot understand the anger and vituperation repeatedly focused on this one kid.


I really wouldn't be surprised if she is back on the board under a new name.


I'd sure be surprised. She asked me to delete her account long ago, after another thread like this one. I did so. I don't see what would bring her back for more.

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