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I tried to teach shelby her first trick today.


Shame.. I did everything I was supposed to,


* Tape on the nose


*wait till she tries to get it off


*say shame while clicking


*she stops


*she gets treat.



BUT now she thinks that shes getting a treat for having tape on the nose... lol

LIKE SO tape.jpg

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Hi Shelb's mum,


I've been a clicker trainer for 11 years so far, and I think this particular trick is in the top 5% of hard tricks to teach. I would not try to teach this with your puppy until you have mastered many other behaviors first. So don't feel bad that it hasn't worked out yet!


Shelby needs to become "clicker savvy" before doing hard tricks like this. A clicker savvy dog will begin offering behaviors like crazy the second it becomes apparent that you are working on a new behavior.


Many dogs know what a clicker is, enjoy learning new stuff, etc. after just a couple days of training. However, a truly clicker savvy dog often requires a year or more of clicker experience. With my very strong eyed BC, he is still not "operant" at 17 months because he is so hardwired to stare-and-cogitate... instead of moving and offering behaviors.


For this particular trick, it is almost a "must" to first teach Shelby to shake hands. Then work up to a really big "high 5." After this, encourage a high 5 while simultaneously luring her nose down with a treat lure. She will accidentally brush her paw on her nose, and that's when you give a big jackpot. The tape on the nose trick worked for my JRT, but both the BCs are so stoic they don't make any move to get it off. They figure I must have put it there for a reason, so who are they to question why?


Good luck!


Columbia, MO

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Originally posted by Nik:

LOL poor Shelby...she looks pretty shameful to me in that pic!

She was getting so frustrated at me for putting tape on her lol. she couldn't figure out why.



The good news is thats she slept for the past hour. I wore her out!!! ooh yea!

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What an Aaaaw! picture .... toooo cute! I agree with Nik, she looks pretty shamful... that should be worth a treat by itself! :rolleyes:

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I agree with Columbia that this is not an easy trick to teach - much harder even for Dazzle than the "clean up your toys".


I taught Dazzle "where is your nose" using the clicker. As Columbia discribes it, by then Dazzle as a very "clicker Savvy" dog. You always want the dog to offer behaviors, it is better for them to try on their own than to do all the work for them - or as we say at my training center "training your dog to be helpelss". That is why "shaping" behaviors has become so popular.


Teaching any other paw tricks first (with the clicker esspecially) will really help get Shelby to wanting to offer paw behaviors first. The tape is how I taught Dazzle, but first I let her try on her own. As soon as she was consistantly waving her paws around her face I added the tape to help her out a bit - I only had to use the tape a couple of times to enforce the hitting your NOSE part (still using the clicker). But the point is I let her get close to what i wanted on her own, and then put the tape just as a bit of a training aid. does that make sense?


I also agree about teaching some other paw tricks first, not to mention getting her really Clicker Savvy. That is the key.


Here is a short vid on Dazzle doing hers:


(and yes, she is a pup so her ears look pretty dorky :rolleyes: )


One more thing, clicker training session (or shaping sessions more like) need to be VERY short. It is a lot of mental stimulation for a dog to work these things out. Imagine you doing it (it is actually a great game to play to improve your dog training skills) and have someone try to teach you something only clicking when you are close. It will tire you out! So make sure you keep it happy, upbeat, short, have really yummy treats, and play a game of ball (or frisbee, etc) afterwards.


I hope that helped a bit, Good luck!

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Originally posted by ErinKate:

lol that picture is a hoot! Quit abusing that poor innocent puppy! lol

Bah she enjoyed it.. well the play afterwords for making her deal with me and my attempts to train. lol.



And that Video is SO CUTE! today I try to teach shake

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So its a no go on the shake so far... she keeps trying to bite my hands. but we'll get it with some more work.


I tried using the links on a different post for the tricks and I can't get them to work. :rolleyes:

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Try this link:

Dog Tricks



There are three levels: starter, junior and senior. They work!


Or this one


Other Dog Tricks site


I was able to teach sit, shake, lay down, roll within a few tries when he was a few months old. Plenty of treats did the trick :rolleyes: (I know, there was a whole discution on this theme, no intention to start it again )

Good luck!

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alright so I understand that shelby needs to be clicker savvy...

I think that she is smarter then me LOL.

now I just need to be clicker savvy!

We are going to use the first link that Anda gave me! What a site! sucha great resource for the training impaired. :rolleyes:

I love it!

Thank you again...

and thank you some more :D

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I took a different route with this one. First of all, I wanted the position to be held, not a swipe. Second, Bella does not like things stuck on her, so the tape deal was out. Lastly, this is not a natural or particularly easy position for them to hold, so starting out on the ground made it easier.


Here is what I did...


Start out with the dog on the floor on their side (the standard "dead" position). Do this on carpet or a dog bed. Something that their nails can grip on. Lift the leg over the nose, give the command, and treat under the leg. Don?t release the dog and then treat. Basically, you are training the dog to look under their leg to get the treat.


Once they are doing it on their own laying on their side, move to a regular down position. They dog may try to go back to their side, just keep them upright. When they have it from a down position, move to standing or sitting.



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