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pearls pop

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three days ago I  discovered a fatty tumor on  the back   of Pearls front left "elbow" about the size  of a small walnut. She has had a fatty tumor under her left front armpit for about the last five  years, this tumor was slightly smaller than the new one  on her elbow and seems to have gotten smaller lately.


I   have had a  number of dogs that had fatty tumors in  old age and never did any vet suggest removal. Pearls current vet said the  one in her armpit was not worrisome wwhen it was discovered because it was in a place where it would not get snagged ,cut and infected easily.


I am sure my vet will reccomend removal  of this new tumor because  of its location and it sticks out quite a bit. I would like to avoid surgery if possible , first because Pearls personality is off for some time after every surgery she has had. Pearl has had cancerous tumors removed twice from the  knee  of her  left rear. the second reason i would like to avoid surgery is funds are real low and for the first time in my life of never having  much money I am beginning to question if I can afford a dog.  no I would never give pearl away but may have to forgo something as potentially expensive as surgery if not absolutely  necessary.


Pearl goes in for booster shots  in four  or five weeks> I am hesitant to make a seperate appt just to have the fatty tumor looked  treated.




I guess the advice I am seeking is, should I be concerned that this may  not be a benign (sp?) tumor considering the other tumors pearl has had?


can I  possibly drain this myself?, as suggested to  me by a friend who grew up  on a dairy farm and said it was common for his dad to do minor surgery/wound repair o n their animals.



any  other wisdom on fatty tumors? 






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If it's any help..I would forget the "booster shots" and use the funds if needed for surgery or a vet visit to see what type of mass it is. Who knows, it may be nothing and your worries will go away! Good luck and let us know how she is!



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Let you Vet look at it. It may just be a lipomas. Lipomas are one of the most common benign tumors found in dogs. Almost every dog we have owned had these at one time or another. Your vet can Identify them by palpation of the growth and may offer to perform a fine needle asperate (biopsy). The palpation should be a routine part of the exam and shouldn't cost anything. The last time we had a needle aspirate it cost about $25 and our Vet checked it out under a microscope ther in her office. IMO, it's definately worth the peace of mind.

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Get it checked. If Pearl were my dog, I'd put off the vaccinations, except for rabies, and pay for the needle aspirate now. Especially because she's had cancerous tumours before. It's probably a lipoma, but if it's not, putting off getting the vet to check it for another month could be dangerous.


Good luck, and let us know what you find out.



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