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Just adopted a 9month old BC mix!

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What do you suppose he is mixed with?

I'm leaning toward australian shepherd.


Unlike what I've read, and the BCs I've met, this boy is pretty laid back. Though I expect that might change once he's more familiar around us.


Introduced him to the wife's dog (Japanese Chin) and he was very calm and patient with her. But then he got a little "excited" but a sharp "no" from the kennel person instantly broke his interest.


He seems pretty smart, too. After greeting me, something in the room caught his interest. The kennel lady said "Did you forget what I told you?" And he looked to her with a guilty look in his eye, then sauntered over to me and put his head in my lap.


He's still at the spca location until thursday (he's being altered / chipped.)


I'm really looking forward to my new jogging/hiking/etc buddy. I previously had an Australian Cattle Dog (which was a strong contender in my year long search for a new pooch.) but decided I wanted a slightly more active dog this time around.


And even better, my yard needs to be aerated anyway... Not to mention my wife has some pretty ugly furniture, well, it'd be a shame if the dog ate it :rolleyes:


Wife and I finally agreed on the name Rezso (Rezzo) Supposedly teutonic for 'famous wolf'


I wanted to name him Fenris....



link to more pics:


Pictures of the Puppah

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He looks awfully like a pure BC to me. I don't see any other dog in there...


The thing w/ BCs is that since they are not breed for conformation, there's a HUGE spectrum of sizes, angles, fur and color. And since most people only see the 'show' BC, they assume anything else is a cross.


If you've got more photos of diff angles, we here could probably confirm if he looks pure BC or not.


Either way, handsome boy.

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Ah, good eye in any case.


You did have me curious though...


I did some internet digging, and being good at that, found the pup's previous shelter. (Amador county)


The posting was deleted, but there's almost always a way to find "somewhat" fresh pages... cached somewhere.


Turns out they claimed on 6/6/06 that he was 6 months old, and Sac SPCA stated 9 months.


I wonder if they 'upped' his age a little bit to make him more desireable... I should probably stick with puppy chow then for the time being

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I'd say he's definitely closer to 9 months than 6. But, he's doesn't need to be on puppy food. See this thread for a similar discussion:




Also, I don't know if you just meant puppy food, or Purina Puppy Chow, but here's a cool website to learn more about dog food:



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Great links, thanks. Good that I won't have to use puppy chow, since our other dog is off of it.


Been feeding all of my dogs Eukanuba. (reccomendation of a friend that owned a feed store, he also said pedigree should be renamed 'shedigree' and only fed to dogs you wanted to get rid of soon.)


But that info is 8 years old now.

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Congratulations on your new (and quite handsome) buddy. Hope you have many fun adventures together. We live up the hill from you, maybe will see you in the High Country this summer!We'll be doing a lot of hiking with our 9 month old rescue boy.


Kristin and Hoku

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