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ot. i dont know how to write this

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I have a belief on the dinosaur thing. It was never mentioned in the Bible cuz it was not an important part of the reason the Bible was written.

But I do have a theory as to why they were here and long gone by the time we came along.


When God created the world it was in a way that it needed to perpetuate itself minute by minute, day by day, year by year, etc. Well, to do that He needed to make sure things "worked". When He first made everything, it was just simply here. But there was a need for Carbon Dioxide exchange, the ground needed some regular fertilizing, as things were growing and taking nutrients quite quickly. Now everytime it was depleted, He could have just zapped some more in them, but He wanted it to work on it's own. So, hey, let's make these really big animals to help eat this stuff growing like kudzu in the summer! And then I'll make some powerful meat eaters to keep them in check! And as an added bonus, think of all those HUGE piles of fertilizer I'll have! I mean can you imagine?? :rolleyes: So, once everything was under control, oxygen levels v. carbon dioxide level, growth under control, etc.He wiped out the ones that would prevent us from thriving, and then He started practicing on us!!! :D

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Guys, I'd like to invite you to my own private discussion forum.


I'm just not sure how I feel about discussing these things on the BC boards (out of respect for our other members and lurkers) but I really do want to discuss it!


It would also be a safe place for us to just talk too. :rolleyes:


It's a private board by invitation only and there are no members there except me, so it would just be us. I hope to see you there!


p.s. Once you join just click on "messages" and start talking. PM me with any ?'s.

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Hey Donna - wow! I'm so impressed that you donated blood. What a great thing to do for your friend. It's great to hear that your Reifi session went so well, too. Sound like you are at a place now where you can see light at the end of the tunnel - or at least can see that the tunnel might have an end, or some nice wide open places, anyway. Go girl!

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Dinosaurs, and the age of the earth.

This is what I was taught by my father.

In Genisis, it says that "in the begining" God created the heaven and the earth. It says that the earth was void(empty), and darkness was upon the face of the deep waters. So the earth was here before man. In Genisis verse 28, God tells man to go forth and "replenish" the earth. Which gives the impression that there was life on Earth at some point in the past. I believe that so much has been written out of the Bible. So much has been lost, and we will probably never know the truth until we pass on. Who's to say that God didnt create other life before he created man?



*edit to add*

According to science, when the dinasaurs were wiped off the earth, the destruction would have caused a perpetual "night" so to speak, wouldnt it?


editing again. .

Oops, sorry Miz. I was so eager to answer, I didnt see your suggestion to move the discussion.

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Perhaps rather than dwelling on how we are different, we would be better served to celebrate how we are alike. The universal nature of the Ethic of Reciprocity (also known as the Golden Rule) demonstrates that, regardless of our religion, we celebrate common fundamentals of decency (BCE = Before the Common Era; CE = Common Era):


1970-1640 BCE "Do for one who may do for you, that you may cause him thus to do." - The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant 109-110, Ancient Egypt


1280 BCE "You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your countrymen. Love your fellow as yourself: I am the LORD." - Tanakh, new JPS translation, Leviticus 19:18, Judaism.


700 BCE "That nature only is good when it shall not do unto another whatever is not good for its own self." - Dadistan-i-Dinik 94:5, Zoroastrianism.


? BCE "Whatever is disagreeable to yourself do not do unto others." - Shayast-na-Shayast 13:29, Zoroastrianism.


500 BCE "Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful." - Udana-Varga 5:18, Buddhism.


500 BCE "The Sage...makes the self of the people his self." Tao Te Ching Ch 49, Taoism


500 BCE "What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others." Analects of Confucius 15:24, Confucianism


500 BCE "Now the man of perfect virtue, wishing to be established himself, seeks also to establish others; wishing to be enlarged himself, he seeks also to enlarge others. To be able to judge of others by what is near in ourselves; this may be called the art of virtue." Analects of Confucius 6:30, Confucianism


500 BCE "one word that can serve as a principle of conduct for life [is] reciprocity. Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire." - Doctrine of the Mean 13.3, Confucianism.


500 BCE "Therefore, neither does he cause violence to others nor does he make others do so." - Acarangasutra 5.101-2, Jainism.


200 BCE "What you hate, do not do to anyone." - Deuterocanonical Bible, NRSV, Tobit 4:15, Roman Catholic Church and Judaism.


150 BCE "This is the sum of duty: Do naught unto others which would cause you pain if done to you." - Mahabharata 5:1517, Brahmanism and Hinduism.


100 CE "What is hateful to you, do not to your fellow man. This is the law: all the rest is commentary." - Hillel the Elder; Talmud, Shabbat 31a, Judaism.


100 CE "In everything, do unto others as you would like them to do unto you; that is the meaning of the law and the prophets." - Sermon on the Mount, NRSV, Gospel of Matthew 7:12, Christianity

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Donna - Good for you with the blood donation! What's your blood-type? If you are O don't be surprised if they call you monthly for blood!


I need a week of recovery period after giving blood because I bruise SOOOOO bad. Usually the nurses have a horrible time hitting my veins. I'm not overweight at all, but my veins like to hide. Once at a Dr's appointment this nurse poked my right arm about 3 times, then switched to my left arm for 4 more pokes, then moved down to my left forearm for 2 pokes then to the back of my hand where she finally got it - but collapsed my vein and didn't get enough blood to run the tests. UGH!!!! That really set me back in my willingness to get poked.


But, I have the most wonderful allergy DR. He probably gives about 30 to 50 allergy shots a day and you don't even know he's doing it. Really. My husband didn't believe me until he went and got a flu shot with me. He tells everyone how quick this guy was with a needle. He's done and the bandaid is on before you can finish saying "one one thousand." No joke. So that's helped me regain faith in the folks with needles!


I'm glad things are moving in a more positive direction! We are all here for you if you need us!



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Wow, I'm so sorry that I waited until I was almost 50 to start giving blood. (Honest, a lot of the time I didn't make the wirght requirement - I am only ~5'.) I'm, A neg, so they love to see me come. Which I do on the dot, as soon as I can. Sign up in the canteen after each donation.


They also love my veins - big and plump and easy to hit. I'm definitely not underweight, but I run and bike and hike and lift weights. Heck, the kids I tutor are also facinated with my veins.

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I pass out EVERY time I stand up for about 24-36 hours after giving blood. Anyone else do that? I drink like I'm supposed to,etc. I am SO not underweight.


Can't cope with my life passing out all the time, so I haven't given blood since I have had children.


Donna, it is very kind of you to give blood, I hope the giving helps you feel better. Have you been to the doctor? Or are the sessions, etc., helping enough for now?

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tammy, i have another appointment with the nurse on friday, i will let you all know what she says then.

not that i am critisizing, but i wonder how they think people can manage when they think they are going mad for a whole fortnight? bearing in mind that on friday she will tell me what she has found out about available councelling, i dont know if i will get any or not yet!

i really am thankful for friends to chat to and not just have to rely on the nurse!

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Donna, I don't know what services are like in the UK, but they are woefully inadequate here, sometimes even if you have really good insurance.


I am glad you have found some other ways to cope, as the official "system" can take a really long time. That is why I keep saying to keep trying, and never give up until you get the help you need. I don't mean to really defend that nurse, because she could be a total idiot, but it is more likely she has a way bigger caseload than she is able to handle and that isn't really her fault. Hopefully she will have some good news for you on Friday, keep us posted, we care.

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Donna - If you did't have friends to chat with, that would be reason enough to "go mad". No matter what you are going through, please be comforted that there are folks here who care about you, and wish and pray the best for you.


God bless!


And, by the way, I am O- and so's my hubby, so we produced four O- children! But, sad to say, only one of those gives blood and that irregularly, I think.


Fear of needles, fear of blood, whatever - it's a big disappointment to have kids with healthy lifestyles that let minor things get in the way of donating. I know they have lots of company in that department but I wish they'd all get out and give!


I have my six-gallon pin, never have problems when I give, and am sad that not more people can or do give. It is, indeed, the gift of life!


And now, back to our regular programming...

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