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I'm reading a book about sheepdogs by Tony Iley, who I saw recently at a trial.

This quote is from a part of the book where Tony has been talking to Tim Longton - a well known name in the UK.


" Tim thought very highly of Nell, and told me about one of her more memorable escapades. She was once bringing sheep home from the fell together with several other men and dogs. Two lambs were giving Nell a lot of trouble. As she worked one the other moved further away from the flock. She was working at a distance from Tim and entirely under her own initiative when she eventually left one lamb and worked the other right into the centre of the flock. Returning for the first lamb, she found that it had made its way through the fence and mixed with another large flock of sheep. 'When we got to the bottom of the fell,' said Tim, 'there was Nell with the lamb waiting at the gate. She had sorted it out all alone and without a single command'"

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