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When does "ticking" come out on pups?

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Hi, our Cody is classic Black & White, but I've noticed he's starting to get black "ticks" on his very white legs, paws, and ruff. Since I never saw his mother or father and don't know their coloration, can I tell now how "ticked" he'll be? Up to now, he was solid white and black with just one "beauty mark" near his nose.

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My Ru is 6yrs now and it seems that every year a few new ticks will show up. He had none at 8 weeks and now has quite a bit on his legs and tummy. Just this year he got a few new ones on his side. He is mostly white with solid black on his head. He also has 3 large saucer size spots along his spine.

this was winter 2002



winter 2005


I think it all depends on the dog. I love looking fo his new spots each year. :rolleyes:

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Dazzle had two big black spots on her nose at like 2-3 weeks old, after that she got them gradually. She got most of her spots by 3 months old - then they just got darker after that.


So some will appear early on (2-3 weeks), others will come later(3 months or so). But they tend darken for the rest of the dog's life. So older dogs seem to have darker spots then younger dogs. Also when the spots get darker, if two spots are close to each other they will sometimes just "mush" together into one big spot.


I think that is right. Hope that helped

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Now Wow,

Here are some puppy pictures. The dam Twist (in my Avatar) is fairly heavily ticked) and the sire is not.

dbf0ac29411b67a4eb8835d2b181c2981.jpg(photo by Christine Koval)




Note that her legs and face are heavily ticked, and the white of her collar/shoulders area is also ticked but not as obviously so.


The pups are about 2 weeks old in the picture:



A week later, you can see that the dark pup now has ticking on his legs (and also on his muzzle, though you can't actually see that). The white pups still looks unticked (not counting the occasional little freckle--but if you compare the occasional freckles to the actual ticking, they don't look quite the same).



Here's a group shot at the same age--some ticking is showing, but it's not real obvious on the pups when viewed from a distance.



At three weeks, if you look at the two pups at the bottom of the image, the ticking is getting pretty obvious.



And at 4 weeks, the pups that are ticked are really ticked (the ticking is actually washed out in some of the photos--in fact, Phoebe looks quite grey in person from all the ticking around her collar, for example). And even Pudge the white pup is developing black spots on his back!



If I look back at early pictures of Twist, she was most certainly ticked when I brought her home at 7 weeks. althugh she was pure white when born. Her ticking did increase with time, but I can't say that it's still increasing--if it is it's not obviously so.


I'm guessing that as others have said, ticking can increase with age, but I don't think you could expect an older dog to become heavily ticked if it wasn't ticked as a pup.


JMO of course.



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Our recent litter started showing ticking at about 2 weeks- the more heavily ticked pups obviously showed earlier.


These are all the same pup (Ziggy)- she was black and white at birth, but started getting spotty at about 10 days.


At about 2 weeks:



At 3 weeks:



At 4 weeks:



Nearly 6 weeks:



12 weeks:



Coming up for 5 months:



Her mum is a plain black tricolour, no ticking, and this is her dad:



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