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Boots: Bootsie, The big guy


Renoir: Ren, The little guy, Boing-jour (this came from trying to teach him off from our bed, I'd put him on the floor, and he'd boing right back up... :D)


Smudge: Smush, Smudgy-Wudgy


Mama Dog: MD



Ruby: Rubifur


Lego: Chaos


And they will respond to their nic-names :D ...sometimes better than the real ones :rolleyes: .

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I get kind of brutal with mine, lol!


Summer: THE Best Dog EVER. That's the only nickname I gave her. My ex-roomies called her Spaz and Scooby. My sister calls her Sum. I do have a habit of referring to her as Summers in a plural sense. No idea why.


Bernard- His nickname started out as Bernardo. That got shortened to Nardo. Now it's just 'Nard'. No one calls him Bernard, it's just Nard to everyone. Poor dog thinks his name is Nard.


Beau- Bubba, Brother, and then two I gave him- Stinky and Beauzo.


Rose- Ro-Ro is my dad's pet name for her. If you want to make her tail really excited, you add more 'ro's' on the end. Rorororo... it makes her happy.


Trey- Weirdo, Alejandro (no idea where that came from), Treyman, and Buddy.

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My border Roz:


Registered name: 'No Red Lights' Rosselin

Nicknames: Roz - Reddog - RedRoz - Redrum - WooWoo (she woos at us in the mornings and when she is extra happy which isn't often hence the Redrum name :D )


Tess (the Aussie):


Nicknames: Tessaleigh McWigglesby ( nephew named her this as he said she needed a formal name!) - Tessie - Blackdog




To both of them? The Manson sisters (brother named them this and it fits!) :rolleyes:

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Solo: Babyface, Boyface, Dudeliness, Dude, Sweetheart, Sweetness, Cheesebutt, Big Guy, Rug, Mr. Scary, Goofus, Poofus, Boofus, The Canine John Nash


Fly: Fie, Fat Fly, FF (which is short for Fat Fly), Superfly, Flygirl, Stupid, Worm


Jett: Baddog, Noodlepuppy (she is very long and tubular), Jettness, Monster

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Name: Marcus Antonius

Nickname: Tuffy McDominant, Scoops, Scoopy-do, Puppy, Peanut, Peanutiest, Antonius Marcus


Name: Jack

Nickname: Jack-o'Lantern, Jack-a-roo, Black-n-White, BW, Skinny Head Monster*, Cracker Jack**


*The kitties call him this when he obsesses over them

**We call him this when he has an "episode"

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JESTER----- Full name is Jester Joe


Jes, Jester Joseph, Jesjesjesjes (spoken rapidly in a whisper when I need his attention and he's starting to look elsewhere), JoJo, Baby, Best Dog, My Dog


KIT ---- Full name Katie Rose


Kit, Kitterooni, Kitterooski, Roo, Rooski, The Roominator, Crazy Dog, Kitteroooo


Both dogs: Babies!, Doggies! Woggies, Wogs, Dogs.

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Name: Colton









-Pony Dog













-the moose







-princess JJ


Name: Jinx *cat










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Pirate : Lumpydoos, flumpalumpa, fluppity (!!), BooBoos, poopdog, ukdog, crock-O-dile, ImaPi-RA-ana


Cat: ZiZi: BooBooKitty, Fatso

Horse: Terriffic Karma: Tewwybeawr

Horse: Shawnee: Dork, Dorkinator

Horse: Earnhardt: BigGoon, Goon

other horses: tatertot, imspethial, babygirl, old fart, studmuffin, wheredego, princesspoopoo, studlydowrong, sparkles

and the infamous goat Sally: that creature, dinosaur bait, horridthing

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Name; Meg





Meggie mouse


Gorgeous girl

and of course


Sit down!

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Nisa - Nisa Lisa, NeeNee, Nisa lisa pieca poo, Nisabrat, leavethecatalone


Tasha- Ta, Tishytash, Getoffamydamnlap, Tishdish


Bernie - Bernard, bernbutt, blockhead, bernturd


Chloe - Chlodo, Chloella, Choesha, Chlodiedodie


Max, Yenta - couch squirrel, couch rat,


Buddy - Buddy boy, Buddud, shutthehellup


Amanda - Mandy, Mandydandy, Mandamoo

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You asked, hunh?


Nick: Nicky Noodle, Noodlehead (and some call him Nick the Stick)


Linc: Linky-Dink, Lincoln Log, and Lincoln McDinkerton


June: Junia Petunia, and more often just Junie


Ginger: Turdi Birdi, Ginner, or more often just "The Turd" or "Turdi"


Zippy: Small Dog, Zipperarydoodle



Farleigh: Snarley Farleigh


My personal nickname for Farleigh is "Farleigh Foo-Foo" and I sing to him, "Little Farleigh-Foo-Foo, hoppin thru the for-EST, pickin up the lammmies and..." He loves it. Not. :rolleyes:

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First Border Collie's name was Bruce and he was known as "Bruce the Perfect or Brucie Do No Wrong" I also called him a "sissy crybaby".


Five is known as "dammit Five, leave them alone" or the "Wicked Bitch of the East"


All my male dogs are called Bubba on occasion


my Rat Terrier "Billy" is known as "lucky Billy",. He has an auto immune problem, he can not grown toe nails, he had to have an eye removed and last summer he nearly died from a snake bite. He is lucky he belongs to me.

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BC - Kaycee - Kaycee Facey, Chopper (when she really gets excited her tail whirls around like the blades of a helicopter), Sweety, Sweet Girl, Mommie's Girl, Baby Girl, OUT, OFF, DOWN, Leaveheralone(always buggin Dixie), Silly Girl, Crazy Dog


Shepherd/Dingo Mix - Dixie - Dixer Dog, Your Dog (to DH), Brat, MOVE, QUIET, Whiner, Beggar, Lizard Breath (I'm serious, it is really that bad), SBD Queen, Damnitdog


Many more I can't think of right now



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Full name: Seek Winter Sixx

Name: Seek

Nicknames: seeky, seekers, seak the freak, frankenstein, seeknocats!, schnoodle (some idiot thought she was a schnauzer poodle), boo boo, seekster, seekeroonis, pup pup


(the cats)

Nala (abyssinian): nalers, na na, princess


Yum Yum (maine coone): Yummers, ick ick, yummy, yumeroos, satan, biteyourfaceoffcrazycatwhoswitchesonadime, meow meow

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Mine are awful... :rolleyes:


Chaos, AKA Muffin, Bubble Collie, Wooter, Bobo, and the worst... "Cakebaby." I have NO idea where that came from.

Wren, AKA Wrenny, Mini (because she's small, which morphed into...) Mimi, and finally Meemur (rhymes with lemur.)

Hank, AKA Hanky, Inky, and Hankypoodle.

Mocha, but we never call him that. It's "Mutt," AKA Muttsy, Buttsy, Mutters and Mutter Butter.

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A fun first post


Cricket: Crikeywicket, Puffy, Criklebeans, Crickster, Hag


Trip: TeeTipper, TeeTee, Tippy, Squaw, Bigfoot


Quill: Bert, Cletus, Forest Gump, Barry White, Lovemeister, MOOOOVE


Peach: Peeper, Peeeeeee, Peeweeches, ChiChi, Hoss


Rem: The Reminator, Remster, Mr. Baby, Whemerson, Buttplug

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