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Update: Kit the rescue Dog

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:rolleyes: Great news, Kit officially is letting me brush her without nipping or growling and I have the this board to thank! I have used all of your suggestions and I am very greatful. I also have discovered during my 3X a day walks that Kit has a great nose....We really do not walk, it's more like mouse hunting. She will creep quitely in the snow smelling for mice, pounce...bite.... :(dead mouse! On top of that she heards them out of the snow so I am walking in a field and 5-6 mice a scurring across my feet!!! I guess if your going to have a BC in the suburbs they replace sheep with mice!
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Allie is 11 mos. old and has had two levels of obedience and needs to finish it before we start on other classes, but we will be starting beginning agility in the next couple of months.


The local training club has a pretty intense tracking class that runs from November to March and covers tracking in hunting, search and rescue, hobby, and sport areas. I think it sounds very interesting, but we needed to get that darn obedience training out of the way. The better SAR classes are offered by the Ski Patrol and Search and Rescue organizations in the area.


Allie does chase XC skiers, snowshoers and sledders, does that count? -- she LOVES the snow.

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