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Most of the premiums have websites, so you should be able to surf around and compare ingredients. Here are a few I know off the top of my head:




Eagle Pack


Natura Products They make Innova and Cal. Natural


Wellness This is the link for Wellness, but I have to say I've not been pleased with their new formulas (and many others I've spoken to have not either).


Solid Gold


This should get you started anyway!

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Bustopher, where are you? I sent you an email.. have you gotten it yet?
I typically check my home e-mail in the evening, but was out last night, and did not get a chance; I will probably see it tonight. Thanks.
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Oh, I meant to mention that at one of the stores with premium foods, I got a ton of samples from the clerk. After we went through 2 different brands of big bags with no luck (and Sarah's loss of interest in the food), I wanted to do taste testing. Over the course of a week or so, I had Sarah taste test various foods. We tried 3 different brands each day (tiny bowl of each). We kept at it until we narrowed it down. Our final top 2 were Fromm's (Duck and Sweet Potato) and Innova Evo. I see Fromm's isn't on your list, but I believe it might be more of a local product.


~Kelly Deneen


p.s. My point is ask for samples! I'm trying to get my hands on Solid Gold's new food "Barking at the Moon" - it's also grain-free like Evo.

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