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Kathy Knox clinic Chestertown MD Apr 7-9 2009

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A few openings are available for Kathy Knox's training clinic held on April 7-9 at Sarah Ruckelshaus' farm near Chestertown MD. This mid-week clinic is a great opportunity for those who can't attend weekend clinics, and a fabulous learning time for anyone interested in sheepdog training and handling.


Kathy is the wife of the renowned Jack Knox, and she is well-known and respected in her own right as a gifted handler, trainer, and clinician. She has both won the National Sheepdog Finals and been Reserve Champion as well. She and Jack operate a farm near Butler MO, and their Ettrick Kennel has been the source of many fine trial and farm/ranch dogs found throughout the United States and Canada. Both Jack and Kathy conduct clinics from coast to coast.


Kathy trains with the same successful and innovative "method" that Jack uses. Her explanations and communication skills are excellent. She works with clinic students at all levels, stressing a solid foundation in beginning work with young dogs and novice handlers, and helping experienced handlers analyze and solve problems in their training and handling. She is great at putting handlers and dogs at their ease so that they can both make the most of the learning experience.


The daily sessons run from about 8 am until 5 pm, with a break for a pot-luck lunch, and followed with a pot-luck supper. Participants who wish to join in sharing may bring food to share (Sarah provides a light breakfast and coffee) for lunch and supper. The food during the past two clinics has been simply delicious! Conversation around the table is stimulating, educational, and spiced with good humor. Campers and RVs are welcome but there are no hook-ups. Chestertown is just a few miles away for those who want to eat out, get groceries, or stay at a motel or B&B.


The cost of the three-day clinic is $285 per dog. You can split up your two sessions per day for three days between different dogs if you need to do so, understanding that the most progress will be made if Kathy can work with you and your dog for the entire clinic.


For those who take lessons, the cost of a clinic may seem high at first, but you are getting instruction for three full days, have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss training matters, and observe a variety of handlers and dogs as they work and are instructed.


There is a small round pen with suitable sheep for young or beginning dogs, and a large field with good sheep for those a bit more experienced. Set out is available for those who want to work on longer outwork.


The application for this clinic (and for the one scheduled for the first week in December 2009 can be found here:




Do not delay if you are interested - Kathy's clinics are popular and fill up fast.

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Hi Sue!


Are you coming too? We met at the December Kathy clinic...it was my first time going into the pen with my Binx dog and you veterans were so supportive :rolleyes: .


We're still plugging along, though we did not get much training time over the winter due to the short days and some foul weather that messed up our Saturday lessons...too muddy for a young dog (and also for a green handler!).


I just wanted to say hey and I'll see you at Sarah's in April!! Woo Hoo!


Angie & Binx


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