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O/T, isn't it good

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hey everyone:

I just wanted to say....

How great I think it is that we, all dog people, feel more comfortable, and able to talk to other dog people about personal issues. I guess it is sort of our own "club", or something. I feel more comraderie with dog people than non-dog people, and I hope they with me.


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Julie, I scared myself to death! I mis-read your topic as "OT - It isn't good" and was worried that you had more painful health news . . .


Now that I've read it correctly, I agree 100%. I'm learning a lot from posters here, not only about border collies and dogs, but about how to have respectful yet intense discussions. What a concept!


Ruth n the BC3

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I agree, there is a special bond among dog people, but I also think that these boards here have an especially warm and caring atmosphere. Sometimes I look things up on German dog forums, and some people there seem very nice, but it's just not the same. Too many "sandbox fight" moments. Maybe it's the way they're moderated or something.

I often come here feeling antisocial and leave with a smile on my face. Thanks for that!

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