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Something really unexpected happened today while I was baby-sitting a friend's older pup.


This pup was a very hyper fellow, twice as old as my pup. Not a BC. Anyway, he had been here for a couple of hours and had finally settled somewhat with a lot of help and a lot of running time in the backyard.


Colt's crate was lying in the corner of the living-room and it had a chew bone in it. The door was closed so this other pup began to scratch at the floor in front of the crate. I said leave it. The dog looked at me then went back to scratching. I said leave it more firmly. Dog looked, dog blew me off again. I was just about to get up and physically help this dog when Colt who was lying beside my chair got up, looked at me, walked slowly over to where the dog was scratching and inserted himself between the dog and the crate, all the while looking right into my eyes and then glancing at the other pup. The other pup stopped. Colt stared at him very calmly in his serious way and the other pup moved off and went to get a drink. I immediately got up and praised and patted Colt and off he went to drink as well. That was the end of it.


Now I seriously believe Colt knew that I wanted that pup to leave it as he understands leave it very well and that he intentionally set out to help me.


You think?

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I just want to clarify that Colt had already shared numerous chews with this pup that afternoon so he was not laying claim to a bone.


I have read that BC's have been bred for hundreds of years to want to work with a human. I just had no idea it would happen so soon or with such self motivation. I hadn't asked him to do anything.


And yeah he is a classy little guy!! This pup never uses any more pressure than what will get the job done in any of his interactions, yet he always makes himself clear to other animals and people. To anthropomorphisize (sp?) I would say he is a respectful little individual.



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Our Ed does this with our cat, Mash. Mash has a habit of scratching the wall in the hall. When she does it Ed goes out, gently nudges her away and lies down where she wants to scratch. Clever lil man, we didn't teach him to do that either!


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Trust me, it's no fluke. I live with two other dogs. One of them is always trying to teach me manners. He doesn't like it when I play tug o' war with One. He thinks it isn't proper. He comes running, gets between us and growls. One tells him that it's okay. He doesn't listen to that very well, though. He does it the next time again. He can be so rude!

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