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I obviously am very ignorant as to the way this works. I think I put my questions as a reply in someone elses topic.


Anyway, I have a BC who has trained himself on cattle, as he has no other dogs from which to learn. He does really well with me even though I use my own commands (I do not know the real ones. But, he does not know this).


He like to search. I would like to set up the agility course for him, but I do not know where to get regulation equipment. I would also like to get him checked out for working on the sheriff search and reascue team with me and my horse. Currently there are no dogs on the team.


Are there any people for taking the test and where can I get equipment for this energetic and bored dog? We live on a ranch near Woody, CA.


Thank you, Monica

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Monica, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with the SAR in your area. For one thing, they will have the info on what a dog needs to have as far as credentials etc. and another is that they will be able to tell you if they have a need. Some places are over run with SAR dogs and some beg for dogs from other places. They should also be able to tell you of a trainer in your area.


Also, if you are never planning on using him for herding, what y'all are doing with the cattle should be fine. Otherwise, you will have a lot of untraining/training to go through. But if you are going to go with agility/SAR, it won't matter what terms you use as long as you both understand!


I don't know the web address but if you search agility equipment, you will find lots of sites!


Good luck to you!

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For Agility equipment you really have to ship the equipment - and it isn't cheap. I suggest making your own jumps and Tire jump but buying everything else.


After years of searching, here are the main Agility equipment sites - really the only ones out there - trust me, I have seen them all! :rolleyes:


Agility a go go

Agility for Less (I got my folding SeeSaw from here)

Carlson Agility

Champion Tunnels (only sells tunnels - great place though)

J and J Dog Supplies

Mad Agility (BEST place for cheap weave poles! I am getting mine here)

NTI Global (I got my Tunnel from here)

Texas 2-Step Agility

Affordable Agility

Cean Run (they don't sell equipment but lots of other Agility stuff)

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It looks like you're in the vicinity of Bakersfield. If so, you ought to check out the Bakerfield Agility Dog group.


If you get serious about agility, the eBay stuff will end up being mostly a waste of money, as it's all too flimsy for a hard driving dog, as BCs tend to be. You'll just wind up having to replace it later. Better to join a club, use quality equipment, and learn there which pieces you want to own for yourself.

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