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Just a little update since Jake has been with us for a week now.


We're getting on fine. He is a gentle, sweet boy. He is very anxious but he is improving every day. At first, he either paced or glued himself to my leg. His whole attitude was one of "you're a nice lady, but can I please go home now?" The first few days, we had some separation anxiety about me leaving for work, but he has no choice about that and he is becoming more accepting. No damage, just drama. My dogs have a lot of structure in their day and learning what to expect is helping him, but if I startle him, he will yipe, yipe, yipe and flee in panic.


Jake is a sensitive soul, very unlike Tex who is bold and Loki who is always busy. He is quiet in the house and likes to be tied outside on my porch where he can see the barn and hopefully a barn cat. He has a strong focus on barn cats, but he is starting to pay more attention to the sheep with each visit to the barn. He has also learned the Dont Mess With Texas rule. Tex stays either in his crate or on a blanket under my kitchen table. If Jake lays on the blanket, Tex will lay on top of him. Jake does not like crates, but I feed him there. He dashes in to eat, and then yipes on his way out.


As far as being a companion for Loki, I'd say mission accomplished. Loki has been off leash and not run down the driveway to the road at all for 4 days now. I keep Jake on a 50ft rope and Tex drags a rope and Loki is free for our walks. Happily, I dont have to use snowshoes since there is a hard crust on the snow. Most importantly, Loki is responding to his recall sign again and coming in to me when I hold up his leash. Loki has a paw injury from frostbite so I have to limit his run time a bit. I can get chores or wood done while enjoying my dogs company again and thats very nice.


Jake is pretty and maybe not the brightest bunny in the woods, but he is a lovely companion dog. He has a neuter scheduled soon and I'm sure that will help settle him down even further.

Good dog, that Jake.

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