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I'm back!

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Hi guys, remember me?. I have been busy, but I still read the posts every now and again.

My "baby's" are going great and are making life interesting. My "hairless"children are all doing well in school, any advice on how to handle a 13 yr old son, who thinks he is an adult - still needs me to tell him to brush his teeth and hair though lol.

I am still vet nursing and apart from the odd idiot we get, am still loving it.

I have applied with the RSPCA for a position as an inspector, so fingers crossed.

Lucy still goes to the school a couple of times a week and has her favourite kids and even has the deputy headmaster under her paw, he loves her and on her days there, he gives her liver treats.

Cruz is getting older and greyer, and will be 8 this year and he is slowing down a little, but he is still in good health and is starting to "stand up"to bossy Lucy- only taken him 3 years to figure out how.

Hi Barb (tassie) how is the T.A.S winter going?. It is about 20 degrees here at the moment during the day and lovely.

See you later


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Hey Mandie - great to hear from you, and to hear that things are going well with you and the family.


Yes, we're in the depths of winter here - although I've got to say nowhere near as cold as some of the temperatures I've been hearing from inland Queensland and NSW - somewhere had -16C the other morning! Hobart almost never gets below 0. It's been very dry here this year, so when it does rain, it's quite welcome. 20 degrees, huh - sounds very nice - forecast is for 13 here today - and we did have 17 the other day.

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