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Richmond Craigslist alert-Herding recreation

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I scan Richmond Craigslist regularly for various reasons, this popped up in the Pets section a couple days ago.


"I'm looking for somewhere in the area that offers recreational sheep herding. I am not interested in herding competition but rather somewhere my border collie can exercise some of his herding instincts and have some fun on the weekends. Any suggestions? "


I would consider it to be an appeal for lessons, but I had a woman contact me last spring regarding this same thing, and it could be the same person. She just wants her Border Collie to have a little recreational herding on weekends, does not want to trial, etc. I tried then to have her come hre for info, and to check out some of the clinics in this state, and find a trainer.


I offer this here in case someone other than myself wants to field her request, offer lessons or whatever. My main concern was that she appreciate that the sheep are living creatures who don't take threats to their well being as fun. Don't worry, I was nice about it. It could be someone who is the next one of us. Maybe not! Thanks!

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I get calls or emails occasionally in my area for this kind of thing, and once I actually had someone say that they "didn't want to train the dog," they just "wanted it to herd my sheep around the pasture." Argghh!!


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