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Cooper Update! I have some questions as well.

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Alright So I am trying to get Cooper his Ilp from akc, as eventually I do want to compete with him in something. I got a side stack, is it good enough to send to them. Also I wanted to know if you guys could help me come up with his registration name! Picture time. YAY. I had yo throw my son's pic in there too sorry.... so cute! He has baby food on his face! sweet potatoes! His name is Landon and he's 4 and 1/2 months old.









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Great pics! Landon is adorable! and Cooper looks absolutely wonderful! I love how his coat came in so dark.


Names can be so hard!

something with freckles/speckles

something relating to red - fire/flash/?? - devil LOL!

A "Cooper" is a barrel-maker -

A "mini-cooper" is a car -

sometimes I get desperate and go to the rymezone dictionary and just keep typing in words to get some ideas



Good Luck!



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