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RANT!!! Flu!!!

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I took two show lambs over to a fellow lamb showers home. The people start shearing the lambs, I am playing with their 6 dogs, when the husband says, all of our dogs have that flu that has been going around, that old dog there we thought he was going to die 2 days ago :eek:


I looked at my sister who had come with me and who has a litter of ACD's at her house and we both kinda freaked, but tryed not to show it. So when we got back home here, everyone that had gone with us (4 in all) took our shoes off before we got out of the truck, went into the house and all striped right at the washer sprayed our shoes off with bleach water, where we had walked with bleach, I sprayed the inside of the truck with lysol, the tires with bleach water and last but not least the lambs feet before they exited the trailer and then the inside of the trailer.


I sure hope that we do not spread it to our dogs, especially my sister, (which I think there is less of a chance there since we used my truck trailer and came back here). I was a little ticked off that I was not informed before hand, otherwise I would not have gone.


On a plus note, my husband let me buy a nice pair of lister star clippers so now my daughter and I can do it ourselves!!!

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That was pretty cruddy! I don't know why some people don't think! The feller I am getting my pup from has a bottle of bleach water by his gate and no one from any kind of farm goes into his field without spraying first. No discussion! I guess he learned what you did the hard way! Hope everyone stays healthy! Glad you got some clippers out of the deal anyway!

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