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Peanut Butter Recall Now Includes Dog Treats

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According to local TV news, Carolina Prime Pet has issued a recall on four of its dog treats (but didn't identify which specific ones) because they could be contaminated with salmonella which can cause cause diarrhea, vomiting, fever and abdominal pain in pets. The report also stated that salmonella can also be transferred to people handling the pet treats.


The following number can be called for additional information: 888-370-2360

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The FDA website had more specifics:




The recalled products include only the following types of Carolina Prime Pet treats in single unit packages with lot date codes between 081508 and 010909:


* 6" Beef Shank Peanut Butter, UPC 063725542007

* 2pk Hooves Peanut Butter, UPC 063725542000

* 4" Rawhide Bone Peanut Butter, UPC 063725542003

* 6" Rawhide Bone Peanut Butter, UPC 063725542005

* 6” Healthy Hide Beef Shank Peanut Butter, UPC 09109333479

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I asked about this a few days ago on the Boards. I had a feeling it was just a matter of time before it was "And oh yeah, a few doggie treats too. Nothing to worry about though...." :D The list of recalled items will continue to grow, just like the malamine incident that killed so many dear pets. At first it was just one or two brands of dog and cat food, then it was another few, then more.


The despicable part of all of this is that the company has known about this problem since 2007! Mostly sold to nursing homes and hospitals? I wonder how many elderly people in those facilities over the past two years died from eating tainted peanut butter? Or how many animals have been mysteriouisly ill due to their cover up? Not only should their company be shut down, they should be prosecuted and sent to jail. Or made to eat their own product. Seems like every week it's another recall on some food. I've been lucky so far, but one of these days I know my luck is going to run out. I don't trust the government to protect me from bad food or drugs. :D Call me paranoid. JMO :rolleyes:

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