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Decision Final- Cowboy Stays!

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Annette that is wonderful news! Am hoping to get a run to CA this summer. You know I will need to come by! :rolleyes: I am so happy as you seemed so smitten with him!


Tell DH welcome home and thanks for a job well done!


Hope to talk with you soon!


Again, Happy Addition!

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He is just a good boy...


He tries so hard to please. Yes his charming Dyson herding and water hose wrangling is part of what sold me on him. He can also move the goats pretty much anywhere I want them, springy, flighty kids included.


He has so much "try" in him that it's hard not to admire his sprirt and all he really wants in return is to snuggle and be scratched. It's the need to snuggle that sold the DH because the whole time he's always wanted a dog that would just sit with him.


He is settling down to my routine and is happiest when he gets to go everywhere I go. He's quit whining in the car and just settles down to nap until we get where we are going. I am seeing some Sep Anxiety but that is getting better already. He hates confinement, just like my Delta but I think we can work through those issues ok.


He gets neutered on Tuesday and other than the smell of an intact male being offensive to me there are no adverse reasons to neuter (other than to not allow breeding)


Yes Linda, you still are his aunt along with Miztiki and Joan. If not for you guys, he wouldn't be here and we are all thankful that he is! :rolleyes:

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