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Looking for PetCare next week for Calgary trip

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Ok, this is a weird request.

I'm looking for somewhere to keep my two dogs while my family travels to Calgary, AB from Vancouver, WA. Really want a dog savvy person - many boarding places are already booked around here and not sure I like that option anyway.


Here's our path. We are driving. Do you live along the way and would like to doggie-sit? We are leaving the morning of June 29th and heading home either the eve of July 3rd or morn of July 4th.


Mapquest full and more detailed directions




My dogs:

River - 9mo BC, spayed female (19.5", 30lbs). Fairly calm, potty trained, crate trained (crated when not home & at night) doesn't chew anything but her toys - knows basic commands. Loves humans and dogs - very submissive to other dogs, pees upon first meeting. Loves fetching.


Jaida - 5.5 yr GSD/Chow mix (75lbs), spayed female. Very calm, crate trained but never crated - chews nothing, doesn't fetch, alpha but never overbearing, never challenged by other dogs. Tolorates people outside the family. Greets other dogs, but that's about it - doesn't play, doesn't fetch. VERY obedient, reliable, agility trained. Stands 27", does shed.


More info on dogs in my signature links.


I'm not sure this is the option I want to go with or must take. I will be asking my agility trainers if they know someone who will take them in. I'm mostly concerned about River as she's never been boarded and I usually board at a doggie daycare which crates at night, but River is SO submissive and if the other dog becomes too over bearing, she will snap at it. (she's like alpha in disguise, hehe) And I think River might be separated from Jaida (they group by size) so.... not sure there.


I do know I don't want to leave them in a little box/pen for 6 days. So those places are OUT!


Anyway, comments, options, etc would be great to hear. Thanks!

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hehe lucie - van's already full and... you're kinda not on the way :rolleyes:


Thanks for the offer muddy - but you're not really on the way either and as we'll be driving 14hrs as it is, I don't want to tack on a few more.


Something will work out.... or they'll just have to come with :D

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For what it's worth... some friends of ours looked all over for someone to keep their really fabulous dog Sam for a week while they went on vacation. They couldn't find anyone so they took him with them and he was a HUGE hit with all the people they visited. :rolleyes: He had a great time and was a perfect gentleman the whole time. So maybe taking them with you would be okay.


Allie + Tess & Kipp


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I'm near Medicine Hat, but sadly we can't help. We've got an alpha ourselves and she hates other alphas. Otherwise we'd help you out. Our 3 are mostly outside dogs, but we can be gone for large chunks of the day or even all day sometimes.




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Edmonton is too far. We're going to Calgary to a race track so my son can race his motorcycles. I did find out that dogs are allowed on the track grounds - so that's a plus. But then have to find dog friendly hotels, etc... Plus van will be full w/ 3 kids, 2 adults and 1 lrg, 1 med dog.


I might just board my larger dog who has been boarded before and take River with me.


Thanks for the replies. Glad for the support.

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Hey, just saw your siggy! Love it.

I remembered it from the recent Clean Run from his interview!


BTW, I didn't mention dog sitting cuz at the closest I am still a good 2 1/2 hours off course one way - not to mention the other 2 1/2 to get back ON COURSE! :eek: Just a bit far. :rolleyes:

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