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Hi Everyone,


Blake and I are back in business after his traumatic operation and are working on basic training. Everything is going well, but I have a quick question about settling indoors I need some help with.


We have a largish cage in the living room for Blake as well as a basket in my study. When Blake's in his cage, he lies down on his blanket and is quiet. I really want him to be with me in the study, where I spend a lot of time, but he just won't settle out of his cage, or stay in his nice basket. Yes, he's getting plenty of exercise—around two or more hours a day and a lot of attention too. I think it's because he's being crate trained and the study—and indoor freedom generally—is still a relatively new thing for him. He wants to chew computer cables, dig the linoleum, remove wallpaper, etc. He will stay in his basket if I really make him, but then he goes nuts chewing the basket and blanket and barking and carrying on. In short, I have a dog that has to be confined to his cage when indoors.


Will he just grow out of this? Or do I need to teach him to settle? What do you suggest?

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I'll be interested to see others' responses to this. In our case there would be little use of me putting Odin in any basket without a directly commanded stay, which doesn't always equate to "settle" if he is staying expectantly. He will settle inside but sometimes the settling process takes varying degrees of encouragement (some leave-it commands, down commands, giving him a chew toy if he's having a difficult time). But routine helps too. When I first get home, he does not want to be calm, but later as I settle he does too, in sight of me but not necessarily in the same place every day. He settles for mealtimes automatically, knowing a very well behaved, patient, non-begging dog may get a treat. :rolleyes: But for times when I absolutely need a calm, immobile dog while I really am absorbed in something, like at work, nothing beats a crate. Would you consider a second crate for your office?

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I would either just put him in his cage while you're in the study or maybe give him something more appropriate to chew on while he should be in his basket. A kong or a bone. Something to keep him quiet and busy. Keep him leashed so he can't get up and wander. Eventually he will learn that when you are in the study, he should be quiet. Maybe a second, smaller crate for the study would be a good idea to. The crate has 4 walls, a roof and a door, the basket does not. Just imagine trying to get a kid to sit in the middle of a room without moving, but there are all kinds of super neat-o things to smell, touch and taste. How long do you think he's going to stay there for? (I am one of those who'd crate a kid if allowed though! :rolleyes: ) I am pretty sure he'll grow out of it. Or, a better way of putting it, he will grow up!

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Our house is decorated with crates for our 4 BCs. For awhile I used the crate in my office as a desk for my laptop...worked great! Also have a crate/TV table in the bedroom and 2 crate/end tables in the living room. The funny thing was when we had our kitchen redone; the designer actually told me that she thought the kitchen set the tone for the entire house. I said I thought the dog crates in the living room actually set the tone for our house! What could she say???

Barb S

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You can actually teach your dog a command to settle down. I learned this by accident.

My young dog is pretty high drive and will get to pacing the room sometimes when she

thinks we should be playing or such. Once I crossly told her: Will you relax!!!" and she

went and laid down. A little light bulb came on and I stored that away. After a few more

repeats I can now tell her rather quietly: "Relax". She'll give me a dissappointed look and

go to her bed with a big dramatic sigh. I'm really glad she has this command now when I'm

tired or such. Mona

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