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That was so cake!

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Someone had to do it. You know it. I know it.


The cakest thing my dog ever did was:


One day he was chewing on an irritated paw. I didn't want him to get obsessed about licking, so I taped a gym sock on the paw. Later, he was standing at the window, looking out at something. His right paw was standing on the socked, left paw. I called him to me for something, and he tried to come, but he couldn't - he kept trying to pick up his left paw, but it was pinned by his right paw. He just looked at me with confused panic.


What's the cakest thing your dog ever did?



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I'm not familiar with the term cake,cakest.


Me neither but that story was hilarious.


I'm not going to try and figure out how to define a cake moment, but I think this fits. I won't describe it, I'll only say I didn't do it to him and he was rather confused...and now I'll show you the pic...


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That picture is awesome :D


Grady had a cake moment soon after I adopted him. I have a large soft crate that I use as an indoor dog house and it fits perfectly between the bed and wall. Grady had no self awareness (and sometimes I wonder if it's still lacking :rolleyes: ) and rolled off the bed in the middle of the night and got stuck, upside down, between the bed and crate. The poor thing was just panicked, legs flailing like a deer. It was, by far, one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

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My old Ben used an old soft crate for a bed that had been chewed - a hole was slashed in the door. He'd come through the door but he'd start to go through the hole instead, which was much too small for him. Then he'd stop and look at me like, "You gonna sit there laughing or are you gonna help?"


That wasn't really cake though. Ben was never very cake, even when he did silly stuff.


I had a pup who snarfed a giant (food service size) mayo jar off the counter and half climbed in to lick it out - and then couldn't get out of it. I heard this very strange skittering and bumping noise in the kitchen and went to investigate. It was a mayo jar with two furry, mayo-slimed legs propelling it around the kitchen and ricocheting off the cabinets.


Now that was so cake I thought I'd never stop laughing long enough to rescue the pup. Especially when I leveraged it up onto his head and he proceeded to look around with the jar still in place, and growl at the other dogs to back off his prize.

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Maybe this shouldn't count because it is about my ladylike 10 year old Sheltie, Sassy, but I can't remember when I laughed so hard or long at one of my dogs -- and I laugh at them every single day. One of the reasons I love having living with dogs. Anyway, we've had a bunch of snow the past couple of weeks with a good amount of drifting. About half of my yard is still pristine with no dog tracks through it. The other half is trampled down by hundreds of mad Border Collie dashes after Frisbees and Flying Squirrels.


On Saturday when I took the dogs out, one of my neighbors was on his roof shoveling off snow. Sassy was so riled by this sight that she began shrieking and went leaping off the beaten path into the undisturbed snow, immediately falling face first into a drift. Her barking was cut off mid-shriek with the muffled, garbled sound of a dog eating a mouth full of snow. She popped right up out of the snow and gave one or two half hearted barks, but was distracted by the sounds of my hysteria. She decided to ignore my neighbor and came over to see if she could be of some assistance before I fell down on the patio from laughing so hard.

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Dew does the bra trick all the time. One of her better tricks was to actually get it off the door handle with both straps wrapped around her neck like a new necklace! You'd think I'd learn not to hang it there!

She's always cake to me!

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